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Sotomayor Appointment: A Big Mistake

June 5, 2009

I have more free time these days than I have had in a long while. People keep sending me e-mails asking, “When are you going back on the air?” Or they ask, “What does it feel like after 60 years on the air to not be broadcasting anymore?” And they ask what do I do with my time?

These are excellent questions. And since they are all about me, I welcome them. After all, what narcissus wouldn’t? In all seriousness, I do find there is so much going on and so many opinions and disputes going one, it takes an entire day to even come close to analyzing all the contentions on the Internet.

You are reading this opinion and if you were to attempt reading all there is on this incredible invention called the Internet, you couldn’t get anything accomplished that is truly important for your welfare.

Do not think I don't believe it is important for you to be reading Thank heaven you are perusing the site. But I am absolutely devastated by the rancor, the bitterness, the ugly hatred for any opinion or viewpoint that is not in conformity with the politically correct dictate of the left-wing loons who are so full of themselves now that they have one of their own in the White House!

If you want a good example of who is a left-wing, arrogant, insufferable narrow minded loon, I give you Joe Conason. Here is a hater who has the temerity to call Rush Limbaugh, Tucker Carlson, and Pat Buchanan “racist” because they dared to respond to the obvious racist comment of Supreme Court nominee, Sonia Sotomayor.

The point she made was that she is a female Latina and she is superior to any white guy. There it is! It speaks for itself. She doesn’t say, “As an individual who worked hard and overcame hardship I have earned my right to sit on the Supreme Court bench alongside those eight other justices. But, she clearly cited her ethnic background as opposed to their background and therefore the conclusion must be she thinks mostly in terms of race and gender rather than training, experience, and above all ? knowledge of the Constitution!

I suspect she will be confirmed. I suspect she will sit on the bench and render one prejudiced opinion after another. The tragedy is that the Republicans don’t have sufficient numbers and don’t have the fight to block this ludicrous appointment.

But, her presence on the bench should be a reminder to any thinking American what a catastrophic mistake we made on the same date which will appear on the tombstone of the United States of America ... Born July 4, l776, died November 4, 2008.

Joe Conason, you and your left-wing zealots will celebrate. The rest of us will mourn!

Bob Grant

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