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Is America Prepared For A Missile Attack?

June 19, 2009

The latest we hear is that North Korea is going to send a missile toward the Hawaiian Islands on the 4th of July, which we all should know is our national Independence Day!

The president has said nothing of importance concerning this threat to our national defense, and Defense Secretary Robert Gates has only said the United States is “ready.” Now what does “ready” mean? Does it mean we will fire an anti-ballistic missile at the incoming object? Does it mean anything to the citizens of our 50th state which will reassure them it won’t be anything even close to the attack they endured on December 7, l941?

If North Korea were making threats and thumbing their nose at us, but didn’t have a nuclear capability, I suppose we could afford to just laugh at their idiocy. I suppose it would be amusing to see a thug like North Korean leader Kim Jong-il act and look like a clown as he watched from his perch on high while his goose-stepping marionettes parade down the only wide street in all of North Korea.

We could all get a good laugh out of it. But, we are not to be amused because this is a regime that is now a nuclear power. We have naively and foolishly allowed ourselves to think that North Korea’s benefactor and big neighbor, China, would rein them in. But Beijing has no intention of doing that. The Chinese government must be enjoying the spectacle of seeing its little neighbor flout any agreement it has ever made with the big, bad United States of America as they stick their finger in our eye.

Mao Tse-tung, a founding member of the Chinese Communist Party, referred to America and her nuclear arsenal as a paper tiger. We have never been more of a paper tiger than we are today with Barack Obama as our commander in chief. This is a man who really thinks because his charisma has so enthralled the American electorate, it will also seduce Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Vladimir Putin, or any other rascal on the face of the earth.

Obama is, after all, the anointed one — the former Muslim boy who became an American man. This is the original Mr. Cool who smugly and arrogantly jousts with the paltry opposition party and kills a fly while being interviewed by a sycophantic reporter from a network devoted to serving him.

So, on the same weekend when the Iranian people are crushed by the totalitarian regime in the Middle East, and a nuclear upstart mocks us and taunts us in the Pacific, we the American people watch as another “czar” is appointed by the grand mufti of America, his royal majesty, King Barack the first!

Hey, it was a great country while it lasted!

Bob Grant

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