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Obama’s Appeal to Women

December 3, 2009

Those of you who are readers of my commentaries and tell me how much you enjoy them, could do me and perhaps yourselves a huge favor. The favor is simply to tell others about the web site. Thank you!

Those of you who have been reading this web site know by this time that I have a very low opinion of Barack Obama. I have this low opinion because his policies are inimical to the best interest of our country, the once great republic of the United States of America.

Also, I have low opinion of our 44th president because I fear he is such a narcissist that he will do things, not for the good of the nation, but to feed his grandiosity.

If you study some of the charismatic leaders of history, you will find they all had the same basic traits that Mr. Obama has. This is a toxic mix of the ability to read a speech well, look impressive and have no qualms about unfairly blaming everything on your predecessor.

I have also found that many white women are “intrigued” by him. The lady Josephine thinks that many of the women she has talked to could be easily seduced by the man. I do not doubt that for one minute.

My web site,, says “somebody’s got to say these things, it might as well be me.” Truth be told, it seems that many femme fatales prefer black men. Now, if acknowledging the obvious makes a person guilty of racism, then we should proclaim, “see nothing , hear nothing, know nothing,” as our credo.

The greatest crime in America today may very well be the intimidation the liberals and their stooges have used to silence the one-time majority in this country. If you are black, if you are Asian, if you are Muslim, if you are anything but a white European American, you announce to the world how proud you are to be a member of that race or group.

When is the last time you heard a person say, “I am a proud European American?” Why is it ok to be proud to be anything except a garden variety white schlub? Only you know the answer, but chances are, like most of us, we have become afraid to say what should be perfectly natural.

What if Sonia Sotomayor had referred to herself as a wise European woman instead of a “wise Latina woman?”

I leave it to you. Look into the mirror and find the answer. If you are afraid to proclaim your proud heritage, then they have succeeded and we deserve what we are getting and what we will get.

Sorry, but remember, somebody's got to say these things. . . .

Bob Grant

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