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Solving Afghanistan Obama-style

November 30, 2009

President Obama is going to speak to the nation about what is going to be our military policy in Afghanistan now that he is president.

The reason for the speech is not really to inform the American people about any change in troop strength, whether it will be an increase of 40,000 soldiers, or 34,000, or none at all, is not the real reason he is going to make that speech.

He is speaking to the nation to build his approval ratings back to at least close to what they once were.

Obama knows the American people, in spite of their gullibility, are getting wise to this wolf in sheep's clothing. So, the president is pulling out all the stops in his attempts to re-focus our attention on how charismatic and great he is.

He is going to deliver his strategy on the grounds of the United Sates Military Academy at West Point. He is going to pay tribute to the hallowed tradition of the once greatest military force of all time. He is going to invoke the names of some of our greatest generals, perhaps General Douglas MacArthur, even though it was the general who said, &8220;In war there is no substitute for victory.&8221;

Mr. Obama will have us believe he was not guilty of indecision or procrastination, but was examining all the facts and studiously analyzing all the reports from General Stanley McChrystal. His statement will sound a little like this: “Since my main concern is for the safety of our brave men and women of our Armed Forces, I have had to labor hard and long before making my decision.”

No, I have not seen the text of the president&8217;s speech. I feel I have gotten to know the technique he uses to bamboozle the well-meaning, but naive American citizen. He is a narcissist — remember that.

It means that everything is about him and above all his approval ratings. This is a man who hasn’t stopped for one minute campaigning. He campaigned before he won his party’s nomination, he campaigned to win the general election, and he has not stopped nor will he stop as long as he lives.

This is the classic solipsistic personality in full bloom. If you would only study history, you will find that all leaders, both good and bad, had this type of character. Napoleon Bonaparte had it; Joseph Stalin had it; Adolph Hitler had it.

I think you get the idea. So this modern narcissist will do and say whatever will feed his obsession with self, and unfortunately, we the American taxpayer schmucks that we are will pay the price.

God help America!

Bob Grant

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