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Affirmative Action

September 22, 2009

Affirmative action! What does that phrase mean?

I don’t mean what would be a literal definition of each word. I do, however, mean what impact has that phrase had on your life?

I will give you a very typical, if somewhat mundane example of what the phrase really means. I have a Toyota Prius automobile, in addition to some other cars. I haven’t been using the Prius enough lately, so the battery went dead. I didn’t know the battery was dead, but because of the electrical system of this unique automobile, when the battery goes dead, everything is dead. I couldn’t even open the trunk!

I called the automobile association, AAA, and they sent a guy over. This fellow didn’t know what he was doing. I showed him the battery and the Prius owner’s manual. He couldn’t make heads or tails out of the situation.

I showed him where the clamp from the feeder battery to my battery should go. But this fellow did not ground the “juice” and there was a small spark which frightened this fellow considerably. He turned as white as a ghost, and since he was an African-American, it was quite an accomplishment.

He wanted to call for a tow truck, but I tried to persuade him this wasn’t necessary. He called anyway, and left. A short while later, the tow truck did arrive. The driver sized up the situation and he agreed there was no need to put the vehicle on the platform truck and drive it to the Toyota dealership. Instead, he got his equipment out of the cab of the platform truck and in two minutes had the battery working and building up enough “charge” so it was safe for him to leave.

After that, I got in my car and drove off. As I indicated, this was not an earth-shaking event. It does, however, illustrate the senselessness of “affirmative action.” The fellow who did get the battery problem straightened out said he has had to back up his fellow employee before.

No mention of anything “political” followed. There was no disparaging of the African-American whatsoever. But, one can’t help wonder why we all permit this sort of thing to go on.

I know from past radio programs there are thousands of examples of the counter productive element of this racially inspired program. The question is, how long will this go on? When will merit and performance be the only yardsticks to determine who is hired for a particular job? When will we be brave enough to make performance the only criteria for how anything is done?

My answer, sad to say, is it will go on and on until the United States is truly a Third World nation. And then, we surely will be on a “level playing field.”

But, that field will never be what it once was.

Bob Grant

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