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Does the ACLU Hate America?

June 10, 2009

I am intrigued over the Kabuki dance that is going on in that most hallowed edifice of the pas de deux, the United States Senate.

Currently, the good guys (instead of calling them Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday) Republican Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina and Democrats are threatening to close down the Senate if the perfidious bad guys continue to try to renege on what was believed to have been a deal.

The deal was that photos of alleged United States abuse of jihadists, terrorists, and Al Qaida killers would not be made public. But, when you are dealing with politicians whose loyalty is not to the American people, or the service that protects us, but to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), then what else could you expect but perfidious, unscrupulous conduct?

The President of the United States, Barack Obama himself, has stated that he was changing his mind about the release of the photos because he had come to the realization they would do great harm to this nation. To make public these pictures would give America's enemies a great propaganda victory.

But who are these enemies of America? Iranians? Hezbollah? Hamas? Afghan marauders? Sunni tribesmen? Rather than continuing to name those groups which would seem likely enemies, try American citizens! Yes, American citizens who follow the dictates of that villain and America hater, George Soros and his band of mutineers, the ACLU.

Can anyone name one time the ACLU stood up for America? I would sincerely like to know if there has ever been a time when the ACLU gave even the slightest indication that they would stand by America! The answer is … never!

And as long as we stand aside while they do everything in their power to destroy this once great republic, we will have no one to blame but ourselves.

Bob Grant

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