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The ACLU’s Attack on The Patriot Act

March 27, 2009

Well, here we go again.

The ACLU, the far left, and their stooges in Congress are once more trying to disarm America by shredding the Patriot Act and dismantling every tool the Bush administration worked so hard to put in place after the 9/11 attacks on America. If that wasn’t a terrorist act of war, I don’t know what else to call it.

And yet, the Governor of Massachusetts, Deval Patrick, referred to the September 11 attacks as “the incident,” and the Obama appointed Homeland Security Secretary, Janet Napolitano, refuses to use the phrase “the war on terror.”

The ACLU actually is so delusional they consider the Patriot Act and other protective tools to be “dangerous and destructive.” Dangerous for whom? Could the Patriot Act be dangerous for the Islamic jihadists who want to destroy America? Destructive for whom? Is the Patriot Act destructive to the many Muslims here in America and in the rest of the world?

Isn’t that the idea? Isn’t that what the Department of Homeland Security was established for?

I will never understand why people who are citizens of the United States and who live better in America than they could possibly live anywhere else in the world would want to so weaken us that we return to the sitting duck status we had on the morning of September 11, 2001.

Don’t shrug off what the left is doing in this country and what they want to do. These people are dedicated haters of America. No one is quite sure why. Maybe there are different reasons for different people.

For example, maybe someone like actor Danny Glover considers America to be no different than it was in 1860. Maybe Sean Penn considers America to be a fascist state where even though he can do any film he wishes, in his neurotic view he is somehow being censored.

If I went down a list of the people who hate this country and I’m forced to believe would like to see it destroyed, I couldn’t fit all the names on ten thousand sheets of paper. To a more important question, can we stop the dismantling of these protections which were so valiantly put in place after the terrorist attacks of 9/11?

We can’t as long as Obama is in the White House. the Democrats control Congress, and the mainstream media is what it is. Oh, by the way, if you didn’t have enough to worry about, wait until President Obama starts appointing Supreme Court Justices.

Maybe then Americans will awaken and realize how destructive this administration really is.

Bob Grant

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