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New Jersey’s Dirty Politics

October 5, 2009

I am convinced that the Democrats, especially in the state of New Jersey where I live, have made a pact with the devil and therefore can never lose a statewide race in the Garden State ever again.

No matter the flaws and outlandish behavior of the Democrats, when it comes time for the general election suddenly the GOP looks like it is a deer caught in the headlights of an oncoming 10-ton truck!

I recall with great pain so many times when it looked as though the Republicans should win an upcoming election only to find them fumbling away what should have been their victory. For example, can anyone forget the time former senator, Bob Torricelli, was mired in dirt so thick and so high even the Democrats knew they had to dump him?

He was running against a bland Republican challenger who had an untainted reputation. Even the pro Democrat newspapers (aren’t they all), had to admit Bob Torricelli was dirty and had betrayed the public’s trust. So, the Democrats knew they had to dump “the Torch.”

However, the New Jersey state law says a candidate cannot be replaced with another candidate, barring death or incapacity, with less than forty days before the election. Did this silly old law stop the Democrats of New Jersey? No, not at all. All they did was tell their cronies on the state Supreme Court to rule that it was OK and all would be well.

So, the collaborators on the bench did what their pals wanted and ruled it was alright to dump the morally-challenged Torricelli for the original “snake of snakes,” Frank Lautenberg, who is the incumbent senator.

Some people said the Democrats won’t get away with. It’s an outrage! The voters won’t go for it. They said everything you might say in the wake of such flouting of the law and the public will. But remember, this is, after all, New Jersey. This is a one-party state. If you’re a Democrat, you can do no wrong. If you are a Republican, you can do no right.

And so, Lautenberg was sent back to Washington to go back to the Senate from which he had retired years before. And, this year it will be John Corzine going back to the governor’s mansion for another term. And Chris Christie, who had been “Mr. Clean” for his splendid record as U.S. Attorney, will no doubt find lucrative work with a high-powered law firm.

Meanwhile, we schmucks in New Jersey will go on paying even higher taxes, and, once again, prove we have forfeited our democracy. The worst thing about this election is not the fact that Corzine and the duplicitous Democrats win, but that the narcissist-in-chief, Barack Obama, also wins big!

Too bad the Democrats are so dishonest and the Republicans so pathetic.

Bob Grant

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