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Jon Corzine Must Be Defeated!

September 1, 2009

It just so happens I find it virtually impossible to write anything positive about our 44th president, who also will go down in history as our last president.

Let me explain . . . the changes Obama is fomenting in our government will mean by 2017, when his second term will expire, he will have declared some kind of emergency and will have to suspend the election of a new president.

He will save us from catastrophe by declaring himself "czar of government succession" and therefore revoke the results of the 2016 election. To most of you this may sound just too weird, and the thought of this happening does sound bizarre even to me. But when you realize where this self-created pretender is coming from, nothing is impossible.

Who would have imagined that he would want legislation drawn up which is written so vaguely he could seize control of the Internet and the network broadcast outlets in the event of an emergency or threat to our security?

And yet, this same "Mr. Cool" tells his attorney general to open investigations into the CIA operations which kept this country from being attacked in a repeat of the September 11, 2001 holocaust.

Make no mistake, it is up to “we, the people.” The Republicans have been so traumatized by the Democrat victories, at all levels since 2006, we can’t count on the Grand Old Party to save us from Obama and his onslaught upon the Constitution, and the great traditions that made this country what it once was.

Things are so bad, I’m afraid even the fine Republican candidate, for governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie, who had been points ahead of the duplicitous incumbent Governor Jon Corzine, is now looking shaky.

This about turn is a result of a vicious, but clever television campaign concocted by the Democrats, which makes me have second thoughts about our political system.

On Labor Day, September 7, at 11 a.m. ET, I will be the keynote speaker at a Tea Party at the Commons in Morristown.

Hopefully, the people in attendance will work hard to defeat Jon Corzine. It is very important they do this, because if the Republicans can take the governorship in Democrat-controlled New Jersey, it should hearten the heretofore beleaguered Republican Party nationwide.

For all the GOP’s shortcomings and at times feckless behavior, it is the only party we have!

Bob Grant

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