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All Hail the King

February 19, 2013

Yes, we do have a royal family in charge of everything we do in America. We may not know it yet, but that is the fact of our pathetic existence in this, the year of our Lord, 2013. You want proof that the old days of the constitutional government are gone, try this on for size. First of all, think about the king himself. The pompous one who will be anointed as Barack the Bold is not interested in your opinion and he is certainly not interested in the opinion of the House of Representatives nor is he interested in the opinion of his own Senate which is owned by that vicious lout, Harry Reid. Reid spent most of 2012 slandering the pitiful, decent Republican candidate, Mitt Romney. I will not spend time needlessly going over all the lies Harry made up to make sure his boss, Barack the Bold, got his second term.

And, did you notice how Obama’s arrogance has increased exponentially? Did you know that he got on Air Force One with a set of golf clubs to vacation in Florida and play golf with Tiger Woods? And this should really make you proud you voted for him. The United States Air Force has nothing important to do, so they spent the other day clearing air space so the Queen of South Chicago, Michelle Obama, could go up the slopes and then down the slopes in Colorado while you and I are being drained of our remaining few dollars!

Yes folks! For those of you who are tired of this nonsense of, “one nation under God with liberty and justice for all,” that’s old hat. That is not the America all you hipsters are looking for. No, my fellow Americans, our day is on the wane. Humpty Dumpty could not put this once great Republic back together. Don’t blame me. To the best of my knowledge I was the only so-called commentator who predicted in 2011 that Obama would win. Just think, if people still knew who I am, I might be. . . oh, shame on me. This is not about me. It’s about you, the American voter. Why did you allow NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, THE NEW YORK TIMES, THE WASHINGTON POST, AND ALL THOSE OTHER LOVERS OF THOSE WHO ARE DESTROYING THIS ONCE PROUD, GREAT REPUBLIC, TO DO IT? There were many others who were complicit in the takeover, but history won’t mention you or me. Come to think about it, who will be writing the history of the fall of America? We won’t be around and neither will anybody else. Think about it. I wonder what the Queen of South Chicago would say if she were around to say it?

Bob Grant

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