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Stand Tall as a Proud Republican

January 11, 2013

It was a depressing presidential campaign. And, if you love your country and feel the same way about Barack the Boastful as I do, you will agree that we in the Grand Old Party should have won that horrible example of one-sided boxing. I am looking back on the days just before Hurricane Sandy destroyed any chance Mitt Romney might have had to pull out a victory. Watching the last few weeks of the campaign was like watching a boxing match between Muhammed Ali and Joe Schmoe. One guy (Ali) is doing all the punching. He is throwing left hooks, a right cross, a body punch, a knockout blow to Joe Schmoe and Joe Schmoe never laid a glove on Ali.

That is the way the campaign ended. That vile worm, Harry Reid, did what David Axelrod and his boss, Barack the Boastful, wanted him to do — told lies, made up any story, and, of course, he didn’t have to worry about being exposed for the fake, phony fraud he is. Why didn’t Senator Reid have to worry? Because Mitt Romney was apparently told by somebody that gentlemen don’t fight. Mitt Romney had no business being in the ring with a guy who was allowed to bring brass knuckles and a knife in the ring. Those of you who have been regular listeners to my Sunday show (WABC Radio, New York from 12 noon to 2 p.m.), might remember my statement that Mitt should have picked Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey as his running mate. Christie knows how to hit back. I only hope that by 2016 the GOP is smart enough to vote for Governor Christie. If they don’t pick him, then they might as well forget about being a national party. They can also forget about guys like me.

There will be no point in allowing Hillary Clinton to pull another phony campaign out of her purse. I will be watching my fellow Republicans. And I don’t want to hear from any political moron who demands conservative purity. Those days are long gone. Forget it. And you Republicans also need to forget about indentifying yourselves as a certain specific Republican. You don’t see the Democrats bifurcate themselves. That is why they win. So grow up and be proud to identify yourself for what you really are. . . a Republican! And let Teddy Roosevelt rot in his grave. He did more to damage to the Republican Party than just about anyone ever did!

Bob Grant

Straight ahead!


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