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Obama Dominates Our Lives

April 19, 2012

As you no doubt know, I am no spring chicken, but I feel like my whole life has been Obama, Obama and more Obama. Up until recently, I thought I was the only one who noticed that arrogant demeanor and haughty expression of Barack the Boastful. However, at a recent affair I attended, I talked to people who told me how they felt about this abomination and they all said virtually the same thing, to wit: “This man’s pompous, conceited mannerisms are too much to tolerate.” Nevertheless, most people in attendance at this affair share the same pessimism I have regarding the November election.

I have witnessed many presidential elections. Most of the elections I saw close up as a reporter and then later as a commentator. My first vote went to Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower. I voted for Ike because I believed he embodied all the qualities we would want in a president. I did not vote for the man he ran against even though I knew Adlai Stevenson as a result of doing a monthly radio show with the governor. Stevenson was a nice man. He was a classy guy. He was likable. However, he was no leader for the United States during a crucial period after World War II. This was a “no brainer.” On the one hand, you had a nice guy who was very naive about the intentions of the Soviet Union, and the other guy was the man who led the crusade in Europe, who not only directed the massive military maneuvers, but had to soothe the feathers of all those prima donnas who were our allies against the Nazis. It was an open and shut case. Adlai Stevenson was a nice guy but if he had won that 1952 election, we would have been on our way to losing the Cold War and perhaps all that resulted from that lack of leadership that the Illinois governor would have been guilty of.

Eisenhower was so successful in his first term he won a second term in a giant landslide. But, in 1960 when Vice President Richard Nixon ran against U.S. Senator John F. Kennedy, America got a strong dose of nail-biting elections. It just so happens that the state of Illinois was pivotal, to say the least. The vice president should have won that contest, but the corrupt Daley machine mysteriously found 50,000 uncounted votes and that made JFK the winner. There were those who wanted Nixon to contest the election, but Nixon said, “No, it will divide the country.” He accepted the result as tainted as it was and three years later John F. Kennedy died as the result of an assassin’s bullet. So much for stolen victories.

At any rate, Obama will probably win a second term because there too many stupid women out there who will give him their vote. Various polls have Obama leading among female voters, especially those under the age of 50. Maybe we should never have given women the right to vote! Ha ha ha. . . I hope you know that I am just joking!

Bob Grant

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