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My Experiences with Gloria Allred

October 25, 2012

When I was a guest on the Morton Downey Jr. television show back in the late 1980s, I was asked by Mort who used to praise me like there was no tomorrow, if I would sit down on camera along with a little, homely female by the name of Gloria Allred. I had no objection. After all, this was Mort’s own show, so I had no objection to anything he would suggest. Gloria and I had our mandatory seven minutes together which had to include some serious arguing. Then the show got even wilder as different zanies stood in the “beef box.” For me, it was a lot of fun because this is what I did on radio five days a week for four hours each day. I was on WABC Monday through Friday. I thought it might last forever. Why not? I had the highest ratings in town for that time of day and the ratings just kept getting higher. Why do I stress the ratings? Simple. If you don’t have good ratings you don’t last long no matter what color ties you wear. Also, I had no trouble getting guests because word got around that if you want to plug a book or a politician or anything for that matter, you should do it on WABC’s Bob Grant Show.

Years later, I again was involved with the vicious Gloria. This time it was in Washington D. C. at the hotel where the Talkers Convention of 1996 was being held. I was to receive an award for “the best in talk radio” and for being one of the three recipients of the Freedom of Speech awards. Whatever all that hoopla was supposed to represent was really a lot of malarkey. As I was about to enter an elevator to go up to my room from the ballroom where we were all just standing around. The elevator door opened and there was Gloria with a couple of her accomplices. She had already attacked me in the press, but that didn’t keep this devious guttersnipe from pretending she was my friend and so she gave me a big hug and kissed the air somewhere near from face. So much for the hug, the pretend kiss and the sweet nothings. You see, a few hours later, right as the host and master of ceremonies of the event was in the process of introducing me, along came Gloria, the ghoul, with her half a dozen stooges screaming, “Shame, shame, shame. You should all be ashamed to be honoring this horrible person who does not really believe in freedom of speech for anyone but himself.” The audience booed Gloria and her gang and they disappeared. I never forgot that incident. I have had many similar to that when I was on a book signing tour in April and May of that year. It was now June 24 and I knew I was in some respects a marked man.

There was a thug who must have been very jealous of me by the phony name of Scott Pellegrino who showed up at most of my book signings to harass and badger my fans. I suspect somebody up there doesn&8217;t like me because there were people like that who didn’t want to see me enjoy what should have been one of the best, if not the best years of my life. There are times I suspect I may have been cursed. I didn’t intend to go down this path with you good folks, but I do get carried away. Unfortunately that has cost me dearly. That is why I love those of you decent people who have been so supportive. God Bless all of you!

Bob Grant

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