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A Total Lack of Leadership

September 17, 2012

I wrote this after finishing my Sunday radio show on WABC, New York. It airs from 12 noon until 2 p.m. Eastern time. I love doing it, but at the same time it does get tedious after all these years. But, let us move to the important stuff. Here goes. After all the tumult and violence permeating the Mideast, can you believe Barack the Boastful says one thing, the state department says something else, and our ambassador to the United Nations says something else? The problem is a simple one to diagnose, but one that is hard to cure. That problem is a total lack of leadership. Barack Obama has proven time and time again that he is so afraid of criticism he would rather be called indecisive than wrong. We have been stuck with this poor excuse for a president for almost four years. In that time he managed to make America the laughing stock of most of the world. Many countries try to hide their disdain for Barack the Boastful. Some don’t hide their contempt and their total lack of fear of the United States. When Barack tells the public one thing and his ambassador to the United Nations tells us something totally opposite, that in itself should warn the American people and under no circumstances should they grant him a second term.

The sooner he is out of White House with his big spending wife who possesses one of the most gargantuan tushes in the history of Washington D.C., the better. She has hired more hairdressers, dress designers, and all sorts of courtiers than all the other first ladies put together. She shows the utter contempt the first family has for the American taxpayer. Reverend Jeremiah Wright must be proud of those white-hating brethren of his. It goes without saying that the only reason Obama was elected into the White House in the first place was because the American voter has been so brainwashed by the liberal textbooks and the liberal teachers and excuses for American journalists that just had to vote for this very flawed pretender. Well, it has been four years now and we should know what a horrible mistake we made. But will it be enough? Will the realization that this man did not belong in the White House in the first place make the American voter more careful? Will it be enough to save us from the ultimate catastrophe of a second Obama term? We should know the evening of November 6. Meanwhile, let us pray!

Bob Grant

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