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Obama’s Hatred of America

March 30, 2012

I remember quite vividly all those movies I saw as a child. I must have been ten or more when I became aware that centuries ago life was quite different than it was during the 20th century. When I saw motion pictures depicting how cruel and unclean they were back then, I thought I was lucky to be living in modern times where people were nicer and where we didn’t feel like we were living in a jungle where hatred and duplicity prevailed. Guess what? I was right. We live today in a worse moral and political climate. We have a president who seems to actually hate the nation he rules. We have a first lady who said it wasn’t until she was campaigning with her husband in 2008 that she started to like America. Why should any of us be surprised then that our “first couple” has no regard for the American people? Did you notice how the president himself threw gasoline on the fire of the Trayvon Martin case? Did you notice how this narcissist in chief made the case more about himself than the dead Trayvon or the maligned George Zimmerman?

And what is there about so many well-known and extremely well-paid entertainers that make them hate America? Do you remember when Roseanne Barr couldn’t finish the National Anthem at a Padres game in San Diego? She couldn’t sing without screeching and making a fool of herself. So when she was finished trying, she grabbed her crotch and spit at the crowd who understandably booed her. Well this same ungrateful bitch is injecting herself into the Trayvon Martin case. She has gone on Twitter and tweeted the home address of the parents of George Zimmerman. Twitter has a policy of not allowing a person’s home address to be given. Barr did just that and then claimed she wasn’t aware the address she was giving out to the more than 100,000 people who log onto Twitter, was their private home. If anything happens to the innocent Zimmerman’s and their home, who should be held accountable? Obama? The Black Panthers? Jesse Jackson? Al Sharpton? I tell you we are on the edge of a volcano. That volcano could ignite us in a racial war. The only reason we haven’t had a racial war yet is the fear of most white Americans. I hope there never is a race war. I hope we can truly come together one nation, one people.

Just because I am warning of a possible conflagration doesn’t mean I want to see such a monumental catastrophe. Quite the contrary. But, I know my words will be twisted in such a way that is what some people will accuse me of. I cannot help that. I don’t want to join the ranks of those white politicians who were so frightened they paved the way for what we have today. Jeremiah Wright, you must be proud of your parishioner who sat in your church all those Sundays for 20 years. You taught him well. Or, was he already a pupil before he heard you spew your hatred of America?

Bob Grant

Straight ahead!


That slams the lid onthings for today

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