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Fox’s “The Five” a Good Fit

October 19, 2012

I was watching a program on the Fox News Channel the other day. They have already celebrated the first anniversary of the program called, “The Five.” This is the program that was created by Roger Ailes to fill the gap left by the departure of Glenn Beck. You may remember Beck. How could you forget him? He was a showman, but he couldn’t stop playing the same note when Ailes had asked him or was it, told him? Anyway, he was instructed to stop obsessing over what was called the Caliphate. The Caliphate refers to an enclave of a Muslim group who were going to be part of a larger group who would be an extension of Sharia or Islamic Law. I hope you will forgive this dissertation. It may not even be necessary for this audience. However, there are those among you who understandably don’t know the intricacies of the Koran and its belief that it is the duty of all male Muslims to spread the word and by the time they have spread the word, we would all be dead or praying to Allah.

At any rate, Roger Ailes and Rupert Murdoch, who owns the Fox News Network, grew tired of the boring, repetitive nature of the Glenn Beck program. Apparently so did a good number of the audience members. No matter how a talk show host may annoy the boss, if his ratings are good and hold up, the executives will demonstrate a surprising amount of patience. Since Beck’s numbers were dropping, his future at Fox was doomed. Beck, whom I have never met, did leave with grace and class and he is doing well on that Internet hookup he either owns or is a partner in the hierarchy. But, at this point I am sure you are all asking who cares? I understand and I apologize for this unnecessary forage into this clump of weeds. I once again ask you to pardon the unnecessary interlude to which I have subjected you. Getting back to what I was about to say concerning the program which replaced Beck, I must tell you that the program called “The 5” is an enormous success. It is a success because it has balance. Not one of the five participants dominates the program. The one liberal is Bob Beckel who managed Walter Mondale’s losing campaign against Ronald Reagan in 1984. When Beckel takes a day off, the program suffers.

Fox News Channel decided ever since Juan Williams was fired by NPR, it is Fox’s duty to put Williams on wherever and whenever possible. I like him personally. In 2008, during the presidential campaign, I was on WABC, Monday through Friday from eight until ten p.m. Williams gave me his cell phone number and I didn’t abuse the situation, but whenever I called, Williams would talk on the program and was always very gracious. However, that was during the days when he was on NPR. Ever since he got fired from NPR, Fox feels it is their duty to put him on every program everyday if possible. And, I’m sure Williams doesn’t mind. If I were in his position I wouldn’t mind either. But, of course, Williams has certain talents that many of us do not have.

What got me started delving into the arcane intricacies of Ailes and the great Rupert Murdoch? You figure it out.

Bob Grant

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