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Obama’s Checkered Past

November 12, 2012

Dear Readers,

Here’s another great letter from a reader of It was inspired by one of my callers on my Sunday show on WABC in New York.

Bob Grant

Straight Ahead!

Dear Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, John Roberts:

I hope I got the right e-mail address for you. Maybe the members of Congress can contact you to make sure you get to read this. I heard that by law you can rescind the Affordable Health Care Act ruling, aka Obamacare, if you want to. Would it matter to you if you knew that this President has a false Social Security card and had an Indonesian passport and a different name, that of Barry Soetoro? His birth certificate is a fake that can be altered with computer graphics, while a real one, couldn’t be? How about the phony numbers on his selective service registration card?

Yeah, right. Nice try on my part. But what about this? A man was murdered in Chicago, on December 23, 2007. His name was Donald Young. He was the openly gay choir director of the church of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s church, Trinity United of Chicago. . . the same church that Pres. Obama attended for 20 years. Donald Young’s mother’s name is Norma Jean. At one time she worked for the Chicago Police Department and she said they told her that her life, too, was in danger. Members of that church have spoken to Jerome Corsi of World Net Daily. They wouldn’t reveal their names, because to this day they are afraid to discuss the friendship between Barack Obama and Donald Young. They think they will be killed by multiple gunshot wounds as it says on Young’s death certificate. Larry Sinclair, who claims to have met then Illinois state Senator Obama in 1999, has phone records from Donald Young, who Sinclair says feared for his life and apparently was planning to move to Africa. Interestingly enough, the death certificate of Donald Young says he was murdered at 12:10 in the afternoon, even though Rev. Wright talked about Young’s death at the morning services on the day of his death.

President Obama had a driver/companion named Michael Signator. A former cop, Signator stopped working for Obama a few months after the death of Donald Young, and hasn’t been heard from since. Politico carried stories about the frequent visits candidate Obama made to Signator’s house, wearing workout clothes to go all the way across town for “workouts” that would only last 15 minutes. Politico phoned Signator, to interview him, and he demanded to know where they got his phone number. He said he couldn’t talk to them. . . ever. He referred them to team Obama who initially denied he was even an employee at first. I guess he drove Obama around as far back as 2004 when he was paid, I think $47,000 a year. Signator hasn’t been seen since. I think that Michael Signator knows more than he would like to admit about Donald Young’s death. But I don’t know at whose direction he became involved. There is only one known photo of Signator. Being a former cop, he had access to firearms. Perhaps he was known to whomever it was in the Chicago Police Department who told Norma Jean to fear for her life.

And now in 2012, another gay man named Ambassador Chris Stevens was murdered and watched on a live feed at the White House for seven inexcusable hours. It happened over two months ago and was ridiculously blamed on a stupid Muslim video. Immediately after the election, the maker of the Muslim video, Abenob Nakouly Bassely, was sentenced to one year in jail, supposedly for a parole violation. Yet, no interviews with the actors in the video, no explanation as to why their parts were overdubbed by Nakouly. Hillary Clinton told the father of Tyrone Woods, who died at Benghazi, that she would be sure to punish Nakouly, as if she gives a damn about individual Constitutional rights. At this point, we’re as likely to see an interview with Nakouly as we are to see an interview with Rod Blagojevich, whose tapes apparently carry references to the bathhouse visits of Rahm Emmanuel. As mayor of Chicago, Emmanuel gets to rule over his exceedingly corrupt police department and make sure no one solves the murder of Donald Young. Judge Roberts, I’m convinced that homosexual blackmail is so prevalent in Congress and in the media that this is the reason nobody will look into the heartbreaking story of Donald Young’s murder and achieving justice for Norma Jean Young, an elderly woman who deserves justice like the rest of us. Judge Roberts, my ex-husband, David, died of AIDS in 1985. Gay people are born that way, but we can’t survive with the constant blackmail of men married to women who sleep with men. It’s a matter of national security in many of the branches of the Federal government.

But all this doesn’t really have much to do with Obamacare. We will self-destruct into a socialist hellhole when Obamacare kicks in. The layoffs have already begun. It will mean the end of our capitalist economy. It will mean the end of our sovereign nation, eventually. It will mean world government will have become a reality because our Constitution will be in the garbage can at that point. And all of Nancy Pelosi’s pals got waivers from Obamacare. That’s how great a piece of legislation it is. Anyone in their right mind can see that it chokes businesses in the throat. Plus, the healthcare could not be very good under Obamacare or Congress and our highest dignitaries would not be getting private insurance. Justice Roberts, I don’t know if someone blackmailed you. But if they did, please, please don’t be afraid to tell us Americans who did it. If General Petraeus can courageously come forward with an embarrassing truth, then you can too. Was the Ireland adoption of your children something that created a problem? I hate to be so personal here, but your country is on the path to dissolving.

Also there’s a huge possibility that the election was stolen. The George Soros SCYTL voting machines produced more votes for the president than there were registered voters in some precincts. In the swing states, where no paper vote trail was left, the president won. Apparently these machines are super easy to rig, and lots of people reported hitting the Romney button and getting an Obama result. How do you feel about Food Nazi thugs tossing little kids’ mommy-made sandwiches into the garbage can? What about the Constitution? For God’s sake, we’ve got a million rounds of hollow point bullets being awarded to Janet Napolitano, FEMA prisons for victims of Hurricane Sandy being run by thugs who won’t let the media in; drones spying on American cattle ranches; returning Afghanistan soldiers being tossed into mental institutions. And the list goes on and on, and gets worse every day.

When the IRS dives into my checking account to withdraw Obamacare funds, it isn’t going to be pretty. I’m only a housecleaner. I’m only one person. But I care about you defending the Constitution, as you swore you would. I think you believe in God. Maybe you even believe in Jesus, who said, “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life.” You are a judge, Justice Roberts. But maybe you should think about how God, the ultimate judge, will judge you in doing the right thing for the America that he, and about 300 million of his children love dearly.

May God Bless the courageous tellers of truth,

Maureen Crowley


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