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The President Is an Actor

July 17, 2012

I simply cannot stand the thought of four more years of Barack Obama. I am not just talking about his socialist agenda for America. I am not talking about his onerous tax policy. I am not even talking about the fact he snivels and grovels before enemies of America. I am talking about the man himself. He is so pretentious, arrogant and smug. Am I the only one who can see that he is an actor? There is no smile, there is no anger, there is no outrage this man displays which is believable. He is putting us on.

There was a great student of drama by the name of David Itkin. David had been a student of the great Russian director, Constantin Stanislavsky. David would have his students study other actors in performance. His only criteria for how an acting student was doing was the question, “Did you believe?” That meant that if the actor was supposed to show anger, did you really believe he was angry, or did it look put on? Did the actor convince you or were his emotions faked? Barack Obama is not for real. He is pretending. Something has happened to him to make him appear phonier than he was during the 2008 campaign. What is different from the 2008 campaign? Brit Hume noticed the same thing I did and said it is different because he is not using the teleprompter in all his appearances. I am delighted he is doing that. The more the man beneath the facade is seen, the more likely he will lose the election. Even this low down, despicable attack on Mitt Romney will not work because people can see through this. They can see that this is not what the election is truly about. There was nothing wrong with Bain Capital. There was nothing wrong with Gov. Romney's conduct. He should not have to waste his time and our time defending something that is a bogus issue. I can only hope and pray the American people can see what Brit Hume, Charles Krauthammer and I see. We see a desperate Chicago politician who has one love and only one love. . . power.

Beware the socialist who loves power. Beware Barack Obama. Save the Republic. We have only one more chance. If we don’t save it this election it will be too late. Don’t say I did not warn you. I know most of you listen to my radio show and read these blogs because you see the world pretty much as I do. Do whatever you can to convince every person you know and every person you care deeply about to join us in voting to save this once great Republic. There is one and only one way to do it. I know each and every one of you knows what that is. Do it. Do the right thing on November 6th. If we fail, there will never be another November 6, seventh or eighth. There will be no election as we have known them. We will all be in Chicago.

Bob Grant

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