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Teach Accurate History — Not Propaganda

October 18, 2012

This is for all of you history buffs. . . students of real history and not the rewrite jobs the liberals ram down the throats of our children. You see, I have become annoying even to myself. Why do I annoy even myself? Because I am sick and tired of not being able to talk about history without having to point out over and over again that teachers and schools don’t teach history as history. They teach history after it has been changed to suit their goal of propagandizing our youngsters. For example, and this is the least offensive example, do you remember reading about the Boston Massacre? I have come to that point in my life where I really have nothing to lose by telling the unvarnished truth. I don’t have to be shy suddenly when it comes to sharing my honest opinion. Having warned you of what is coming, I should like to begin by reminding you good folks out there that this editorial started quite innocently by telling you that the schools don’t teach honest history as it occurred. The public schools teach propaganda.

It reminds me of those days in the middle of the 20th century when we would be fascinated and morbidly entertained by reading how the Soviet students were taught unreal history and the only reason for even having a so-called history class in any Soviet school was to brainwash the student and make sure his knowledge was shaped and honed to fit the edicts handed down that particular year or month or day. It really didn’t matter since the Soviet hierarchy did not really care about real history. It only cared about propaganda. It was in the propaganda business.

Today in this once great Republic we are doing the same thing. The goal in the Soviet Union was to constantly remind the student that Josef Stalin was a perfect leader and that he was infallible. But, today in the American version of teaching propaganda instead of real history, the object is to portray the African-American as a slave in perpetuity. That is what all this teaching of the noble and preyed upon black man as a victim, no matter what, is about. Sure, slavery was a terrible thing, but the early settlers were not the only people on earth who practiced slavery. Was it the right thing to do to end slavery? Yes, of course it was the right thing to do. But, let us look ahead. Let us once and for all stop being made to feel guilty for something that occurred long before we were born. And above all, let us teach real accurate history once more in the American classroom!

Bob Grant

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