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October 8, 2012

I have been writing for a number of years, specifically since February of 2009. Why am I taking this trip down memory lane? I will be happy to tell you. You are special to me because in all these years you have very seldom scolded me or ridiculed me because I let it all hang out. Many people think I should be far less candid and open about my personal feelings and some aspects of my personal life. When they chide me for exposing myself, including all my shortcomings and my many peccadilloes, they expose themselves as guarded and frightened people. What is there to protect? I know people can be mean and in many cases are. I know that celebrities are supposed to be guarded and aloof. But that isn’t me. There was a great Broadway show called “Golden Rainbow” in 1968, starring Steve Lawrence. One of the hit songs was the male lead singing, “I’ve gotta be me.” That song resonated with me because, in spite of all the travail I have cost myself, that is my song: “I’ve gotta be me.”

I have been told by the current radio talk show stars that I am John C. Freemont. He was known as The Pathfinder. He paved the way. But, without mentioning any names, all of these talented current radio stars, reveal very little of themselves. I guess that is the right approach to the public. For example, when I have taken listeners on a tour or a cruise, many of those folks would tell me how different I am from Rush. They told me he would stay in his cabin and have very little to do with them. I don’t know what he did on those cruises, but I don’t think the people liked him any less for being private which is probably the better way to conduct oneself on a tour with your audience because as they say: Familiarity breeds contempt. The only reason I am even writing this stuff today is because I read the comments sent to the New York Radio Message Board. Most of you have perhaps never even heard of the N.Y.R.M.B. These guys (mostly all male writers) love to pretend they are newspaper critics and most of them may have made good writers. Some of them feel that because I have said some of the things in my blogs that it indicates, perhaps, senility. Whatever it indicates, I think they have a right to make what comments they feel and I am glad they make them.

I don’t consider myself important enough to get upset over some of their comments. Before too long they may want to do some self-searching. And they may learn something about themselves. But, isn’t that what life should be? Shouldn’t we hope that we learn rather than just never challenge ourselves? Hey! Enough already. What got me started on this anyway? Oh yes, I was told I am too self-revelatory. From now on, just call me Sam Spade!

Bob Grant

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