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Please Let It Be a Republican

February 2, 2012

I hope I am not the only American who can see through Barack the Boastful. Just today he tried one of his many magical stunts to help him get re-elected. His obsession with a second term is understandable. Since he has no conscience, it is easy to say anything he believes will win him votes for the next election. I know that, with rare exception, most politicians tell lies, half-truths and Lord knows what else. And furthermore, I know the press is guilty of making a lot of mountains out of a lot of molehills. I also know that many times when a politician is caught off guard he may tell the truth about what he thinks or how he feels. When he does that, he usually has to pay a heavy price . . . especially if that person is a Republican, and, especially if he is running for president.

Mitt Romney may have just given us one of the greatest lessons of all time in how to turn victory into defeat or near defeat. On the day after winning a stunning victory over Newt Gingrich in the Florida primary, Mr. Romney said he wasn’t concerned about the very poor because we have many programs for them such as Medicaid, as well as other ways of helping them. It is true that there are numerous programs for the folks at the very bottom of the ladder who receive food stamps, welfare checks and Medicaid, and a whole host of government handouts. So, there was some logic in what the former Massachusetts governor said. But, it made him sound insensitive to their needs or perhaps, just dumb. You see, anybody running for public office, especially president, must sound like he has trouble sleeping because he is worrying about all those people across this great land who are not able to buy a luxury car or afford a luxurious home. That politician has to sound almost Christlike in his love of his fellow man. It just so happens that the atheists, who have been gaining a lot of political clout thanks to the ACLU, have never complained about Barack the Boastful since he has never presented himself has a religious man.The alleged comedian who has a show on HBO and hates Christians publicly has never complained about Obama, but maybe he will have to do something about that.

But this column is not about Bill Maher. This column is about you and how we can have self-respect — if you can’t see through this fake, phony fraud in the White House. Again I say, if it is not Mitt, let it be Newt. If it is not Newt, let it be Rick. If it is not Rick, let it be Ron. But for heaven’s sake, please let it NOT be Barack Obama!

Bob Grant

Straight ahead!


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