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August 27, 2012

Now that I am feeling better, and now that my doctor, the great urologist Paul Lowe, has said I am getting better and even has given me permission to drive the car again, I think the best way for me to celebrate is to share my experience with you. Back in April, while I was in Cape May, New Jersey, I was asked to speak on behalf of Senate candidate Joe Kyrillos. I made my speech at the Congress Hall right in the heart of Cape May. After I had given my speech and since I was not feeling well, I returned to my hotel room. I had a large unit of several rooms but was not able to enjoy my “digs.” Nevertheless, those of you who have come to know me know that I tell it like it is. I do not believe that just because I am supposed to be some sort of celebrity, I am not supposed to share intimate details of my problem. I am just another human being and therefore I am subject to the same problems all the rest of you are. So, I was forced to walk around the apartment all night long. I couldn’t sleep and I didn’t want to disturb Josephine who was very tired and had fallen asleep in the bedroom. So, all I could do was keep walking and occasionally step into the bathroom to try my luck. But, my body would not cooperate.

The next morning, even before the sunrise, we got in the car and I drove all the way north to where we live in Ocean County. The next day I was scheduled for a necessary tests including an MRI. The MRI showed that I had a blockage and something had to be done right away or else things were going to back up and that would mean serious problems. Eventually they took me to the hospital where the technicians went to work and lodged a catheter in the right place, and thus began my comeback from hell. I will happily spare you some needless details, but at this point I am happy to tell you I am feeling fine and in a few weeks, hopefully, I can live without the catheter.

Why have I told you even this much? For one thing, since you are a great group of friends of mine, I wanted to share something with you. The second reason is to remind you that in spite of all our complaining, I don’t think our medical people are a bad bunch. I have found them to be professional and caring. I cannot say enough for the nurses who were assigned to come to my house almost daily. These ladies are professional and they know when to scold me and when to praise me. So to Debbie and her colleagues I can only say. . . thanks for being who you are and making me do the right thing to get better and stay better!

Bob Grant

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