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Pray Romney Prevails

October 5, 2012

I know most of you who watched the debate Wednesday evening were relieved that Mitt Romney did so well. He was magnificent except for some tangential statement he made about firing Big Bird. Big Bird is a cute, loveable creature on Sesame Street. The show is aired on NPR. And, since Governor Romney performed so well, the lefties out there think Barack the Boastful walks on water and they are dwelling on that. Of course, they don’t want to dwell on the amateurish performance of this guy in the White House who former President Bill Clinton called an “amateur.”

But, even though I am definitely for Mitt Romney, I have to ask myself why does the governor seem to say something that is so unnecessary and stupid just at a time when he annihilated Barack the Boastful? People in politics do get a bit unhinged from time to time. That is, unless you are Vice President Joe Biden. In that case, you are unhinged all the time. I am looking forward to October 11th vice presidential debate. I will be watching Joe Biden in hopes of witnessing his biggest meltdown yet. Speaking of stupid things that politicians say, how about Al Gore? He gives Biden a close run for the booby prize. If you didn’t notice, Gore is the father of the movement to outlaw every bit of progress mankind has made since the Italians, during the Renaissance, started inventing and discovering all the things that make life a little less cumbersome and a little more enjoyable. Of course, I am talking about another vice president, aren’t I? What is it with these goofballs?

Anyway, I am glad you and I survived the debate and David Axelrod didn’t appear on the set with a loaded pistol to shoot anybody who didn’t agree that the Southside Chicago narcissist, Barack Hussein, was the perfect president who has saved America from perdition and destruction. All I can say at this juncture is. . . God bless Mitt Romney and may he prevail right on through November 6 and beyond!

Bob Grant

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