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Celebs, Media Stump for Obama

November 1, 2012

I have always been a pessimist. And yet people say as a pessimist you have been very successful. That depends on how you look at it. And that depends on how much you may really know about me and my history. I will save all that for another day. Right now, there is something far more important. What could be more important than my exercising my ego preening? The answer, of course, is the horrific weather we have had in the northeast, and the election on Tuesday. The two subjects are perhaps related. On my radio show heard over WABC in New York, I have said for at least the last year or more that Obama would probably win the election and go on to a second term. I said that because vermin always seem to prevail. It’s like the devil taking sides in any earthly event and choosing the one most likely to reign in Hell. That someone is Barack Obama.

Maybe things would be different if the mainstream media did not play this game of pretending to be journalists when in reality the mainstream media is really a tool of Barack Obama. And what a tool that is! Can you imagine being a president seeking a second term and you have the ABC Network in your back pocket? Can you also imagine being the president and having NBC in your pocket? Can you imagine being CBS, CNN, The New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, the Washington Post and virtually all of Hollywood, plus morons like David Letterman, George Clooney and practically every moronic star in your back pocket? Why are almost all of these celebrity left-wing ignoramuses on the left? I have some theories which were not difficult to fathom. First of all, they are all ignorant of real history, especially American history. They really think the European settlers, who through no fault of their own, were white, were evil destroyers. Yes, I will confirm that some of the results of the so-called white invasion of the New World were not pristine. But, the accomplishments far outwear the negative. If you are a left-wing snob you are going to say the American Indian was a noble creature who owned the land and was merely trying to protect it from the white devil. The truth is that exploration was not intended to diminish the American Indian, but to do what at that time was inevitable.

High school kids today have never heard of Manifest Destiny. But, to go over that history would be to teach the exact intent of the European arrivals and the fact that many, if not most of the newcomers from the Old World were living in virtual squalor. Don’t think the Irish survivors of the potato famine had it easy. Don’t think the Italians left Italy because they were having such a good time in Naples or Taormina or the Poles were having such a grand time in Warsaw that they too wanted to share their riches with the New World. I could go on and on, but I may have bored you already.

I want to awaken in you the spirit of all the nationalities, a sense of pride. I don’t want to see a great people, regardless of whether they are from Madrid, or Oslo or Paris, or anywhere from that part of the world that produced the people who led the world in science, the arts and achievements that contributed the most to what we call western culture. I want the schools to stop teaching our youngsters that our ancestors were the bad guys and the others were the good guys who were noble and pure. No wonder so many kids of European background are on the defensive. At one time, the other people needed a break. And, thank God they got it. But, why does Hollywood and every person in show business, most of which are of European stock, work in behalf of those you would destroy you?

Bob Grant

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