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The Party’s Over

November 13, 2012

I keep hearing more stories about how Obama literally “stole” the presidential election. Well, let us look at this charge. Does it have any merit? Any substance? First of all, the word “stole” is defined in the dictionary as, “to take from another person or persons something you covet.” Well, let us stop right there. What did Obama take and whom did he take it from? First of all, anything Barack the Boastful took on November 6 was taken from we, the people. If he stole or caused others to steal in his behalf, then what about something even more precious than goods or chattel? What about our freedom? Obama lied to the American people repeatedly. For me to enumerate the unmitigated lies he told would take too much time and would be a waste of time.

But, if I were to say, what about the second term? Did he not steal that? I think he did. First of all, he made sure that the real truth of Benghazi and why under his so-called leadership, four fine, brave, dedicated Americans were allowed to be slaughtered by Muslim fanatics. Obama’s number one stooge, David Axelrod, made sure that this story was buried until after the election. The obsession Barack the Boastful has had for winning the election was unlike any other presidential campaign I have ever seen, and I have seen presidential elections and reported from the convention floor in some of them since General Eisenhower defeated Adlai Stevenson in l952. This campaign had one significant factor involved in it. No other president had virtually all the media in his back pocket like Obama and his gang of Chicago thugs did and always will. What is the reason for this strange love affair between a candidate who became president? He was successful thanks to slandering first a person who had been divorced (as though that were a crime), and secondly, in another contest for an Illinois Senate seat, Axelrod got out the slime machine and slandered yet another decent opponent?

All that is history, but it was only practice for what they did to Gov. Mitt Romney. I do believe if Romney had answered the smears right away and if Hurricane Sandy did not ruined the momentum that Mitt had built up, we would be celebrating the victory of a decent and good man — a man who would straighten out this decrepit economy. But, we are stuck with this guy for four more years. I say four more years because I assume that is what Barack wants. And just like the song, “Whatever Lola Wants, Lola Gets,” whatever Obama wants, Obama gets. He may be our last elected president. His next campaign in 2016 may be as truly contested as the campaigns of Hugo Chavez. Hey, come to think about it Hugo endorsed Obama, as did Fidel Castro, Vladimir Putin and every tin horn dictator in the western hemisphere. The party’s over, guys and gals, get used to it!

Bob Grant

Straight ahead!


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