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Taking One Day at a Time

April 26, 2012

We will never learn to accept reality and to practice what that reality teaches. What is this reality I write about? It is the reality so many talk about, but so few practice. I really have lost all patience with people who mouth clich├ęs, but don’t really live by them or for that matter don’t really understand what they are saying. For example, so many people claim they take it one day at a time. If they did, they would be much happier and would definitely be exceptional. Do any of you know what living one day at a time really means? Do any of you say that just because you think it is the cool thing to say? Living a day at time is not new. In the Bible there is a phrase that goes something like this: “Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof - Matthew 6:34.” We don’t use the elegant phraseology as they do in the King James version of the holy writ. But, spoken in modern English it means to live a day at a time.

We have been taught that since yesterday is gone, there is really nothing we can do about yesterday. We have also been told that since tomorrow is not here yet, we cannot live in tomorrow. If I keep this up someone might accuse me of trying to pull an “Abbott and Costello.” What got me started with all this is perhaps too much reading of too many depressing stories. I was told by a great history teacher many years ago that the world has always been a dangerous and deadly planet. This professor was not talking about one million B.C. He was not talking about the days of the caveman or for that matter he was not talking about any time out of antiquity. He was talking about mankind for all the ages that have come before us and he was talking about the current state of affairs where each and every day we read about horrific crimes being committed on the defenseless, the young, and, of course, the sweet little children who have never even thought of committing heinous crimes. I think what may have triggered this peroration, which may seem strange to many, is the fact the state of Connecticut abolished the death penalty even though just recently two thugs broke into a suburban home and brutally murdered a mother and her two daughters. After the orgy of murder they burned down the house. Why did they burn down the house? For that matter why don’t you ask, “Why did they murder those innocent, harmless females?” The answer to both those questions is, because this is what they were . . . monsters who have served notice on society that they are not fit to live amongst us. The argument has always been, “What good does it do to execute them?” I ask, what good does it do to feed them, clothe them, provide them with the finest healthcare — law books and lawyers, who one day may get these monsters released?

I have never received a satisfactory answer to those questions. Oh, sure there are those pathetic souls who equate the savage killing by criminal beasts with the killing of enemies of society. To equate the state’s execution of fiends with the actions of these fiends is an absurdity of enormous consequences. The difference between those of us on the right and those liberal ninnies on the left is huge. Those who feel as I do, do so because we care for the victims and their families. The lefty loons don’t really care about people; they are only concerned with their moronic ideology. So, the next time you are forced to hear the left-wing shibboleth putting savage killers on the same level as the people they brutalize and murder, ask yourself, “Is there anything in this that seeks to protect society?” If you can find an answer write to and I will be pleased to read your comments and to answer them. Straight Ahead!

Bob Grant

Straight ahead!


That slams the lid onthings for today

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