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Obama Will Win a Second Term

March 14, 2012

I have been criticized quite vociferously by many good folks who read this column and who listen to my weekly Sunday noontime broadcast on WABC, New York. I have been hammered because you say I am too pessimistic. Alright, fair enough. I guess I do come across as a pessimistic person. That is because I don’t see anything to be optimistic about concerning the presidential election. I know guys like Rush have made a huge fortune telling the public things they can’t possibly believe inside. Rush is a brilliant man who is a great showman. He has always been respectful to me and never failed to defend me back in the good old days before a cabal of liberals persuaded the Walt Disney Co. to fire me when they bought ABC. I never recovered professionally from that, but that is history and I don’t see any need to go over that terrain again.

So, let us focus on the present and the future. First of all, at the present time I see my Republican Party coming apart at the seams because they don’t have any truly gifted candidates running to oppose Barack the Boastful. It is a shame that we can’t get one truly charismatic person to run. Rick Santorum is, as Ron Paul calls him, a “fake.” Santorum is where he is right now because he pandered to the Evangelical Christians and has sounded like he is lost in the 1940s and 1950s. His dwelling on the subject of birth control is evidence that he is not to be taken seriously. Newt Gingrich, although the smartest guy running, is so full of negative emotion because Mitt Romney is leading in the delegate count, that Gingrich shows us all that he is a mean-spirited and vengeful person. Even though he would not be afraid to debate that pinhead president, Newt would turn most people off. Then we come to the leader in the quest for delegates: Mitt Romney. I am deeply disappointed in him. His campaign seems to be stuck in nothingness. He seems to be saying, vote for me because once I am the nominee I will demonstrate how good I am.

In the meantime, don’t criticize me. It is a mess and I am sorry I have to tell you the truth. As much as I can’t stand Obama because he is destroying this once great Republic, remember I was the first to tell you he will win a second term. May heaven help us!

Bob Grant

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