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Can We Expect a Miracle?

October 22, 2012

I wrote this column at 9:45 a.m. this morning. Tonight at 9 p.m. the last of the three presidential debates is scheduled. I am thankful that tubby Candy Crowley cannot damage Mitt Romney as she did last week at Hofstra University in New York. Why there hasn’t been more outrage at her purposely sabotaging Governor Romney is amazing. But, then again that’s the way it is with us conservatives. Unlike the lefties, we don’t own the mainstream media. We certainly don’t own Hollywood. If we win this election it will be miraculous.

After all, there is such an overwhelming advantage for Barack the Boastful including the fact that he is the incumbent. He has spent more time and effort raising money to the tune of almost $200 million in the month of September alone. That is why he couldn’t meet with Israeli Prime Minister, Bibi Netanyahu. That is why he couldn’t be bothered to check the false information Madame Hillary (the practiced liar) Clinton gave regarding the burning of the Libyan Embassy at Benghazi. She and her husband have shown us what whores they really are. If they loved this once great Republic as much as I do, they would not have worked hard to insure Obama’s re-election. Billy boy, who I call the great stainmaker because of the semen stains he left on Monica’s blue dress, have only one thing in mind: Get this Muslim elected to a second term and then see what happens.

I believe the Clintons will once again be double-crossed by the fake, phony, fraud, Barack the Boastful. I want to be wrong, but I fear the cards are stacked against a good decent and surprisingly naive Mitt Romney. If Obama prevails, then I will have to think again about my religious beliefs. God Bless Mitt Romney!

Bob Grant

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