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June 18, 2012

I’m back . . . I am writing today after a self-imposed “vacation.” Don’t ask me why. I don’t know why I took the hiatus from writing I think it is due to sheer laziness. This laziness was brought on because I am sick and tired of all my mistakes as I proceed to write my thoughts and share my angst with you, the reader, or, you the audience. However, it makes no difference whether you are a listener or a reader, to me you are my friends. You are the people I share my every thought with. You are the people I am most concerned about.

I have reason to suspect most of you will still be here after I am gone to wherever loudmouth talk show hosts go after they expire. I have mixed emotions about leaving planet earth. On the one hand, I will not miss the hot air and lies coming out of the smug mouth of Barack the Boastful. I will not miss the chicanery of the Obama gang who operate out of my hometown of Chicago. I will not miss the toadies who kiss the ample behind of Roger Ailes. I will not miss the haughty mien of Gretchen Carlson or Dana Perino. I will not miss the ubiquitous presence of Juan Williams, who, since he was fired by NPR, has become the face, the voice, the editorialist for the Fox News Network. Before NPR fired Williams he was more than adequate for the job he was doing. As a matter of fact, I liked him more than most, but I think too much of a mediocre Juan Williams — too much period!

Yes, there are many things about the media I will not miss and many things I will miss. But, most of all I will miss you, the audience. You trusting, at times naive wonderful people who keep guys like me living, in some cases, although I am not one of them, high on the hog. If I can summon up the energy, I will write more. In the meantime, let me apologize for interrupting your GRANT-FREE blog. Hope to hear from you. If it weren’t for you, I would not be writing this.

Bob Grant

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