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Mommygate & Other Obama Gaffes

April 13, 2012

Dear Readers,

I have many things I want to say in this post, but my dear and very talented friend, Maureen Crowley, has said so many things so well, I am asking her to lend her efforts to this edition of So here goes . . .

Bob Grant

Straight Ahead!

Dear Bob,

Mr. President:

Even before that dope Hilary Rosen indicted every stay-at-home mom on planet earth, I wasn’t buying that nonsense about women in such huge numbers supporting you over Romney. . . ABC polls my foot. Those clowns in your inauguration day “pay to play” gang as seen by this quote in 2009: “If he were a Republican, the liberal news would be all over the apparent pay to play for coverage of the Obama inauguration. Bill Plante with CBS hit the Obama administration with the accusation last week, claiming that ABC ponied up millions for an inaugural ball and was rewarded with an exclusive interview with the man of the hour for its troubles.” Obama’s press secretary dismissed the idea saying the press had been given pretty good access to his boss. But, according to Dan Gainor of Media Research Center, other news organizations were shut out as well in favor of three news organizations that shelled out about $5 million for inaugural balls. C-Span,the public channel, was one of the organizations shut out by Team Obama. This follows on the heels of news that a day after Obama signed an order disallowing lobbyists to serve in his administration. He also rescinded the order for a new deputy secretary. So much for ethics and transparency in the new administration. They will be ethical when it is convenient and will be transparent with those who pay to play.

And let’s not forget that it was George Stephanopolous who started the birth control lie. Let women go to Target and pay the damn $9 for their pills. And God Bless Cardinal Timothy Dolan! He has no intention of bowing down to a Marxist emperor. He believes in that odd, odd, thing called freedom of religion, guaranteed to me by that soon-to-be-worthless piece of paper called the Constitution of the United States of America. Back to the ladies: Women can’t make a small business survive because you stifle everyone — men and women alike with over-regulation, over-taxation, and business-destroying Obamacare. Your hatred of success knows no bounds. But what is your end game? Back in your media slime unvetted campaign of 2008, your thugs practically ruined the life of Joe the Plumber because he had the hopeless audacity to get an answer to a question about your socialist insanity of spreading the wealth.

I stand by my assessment that the once great United States of America won’t stay sovereign between now and November. Somehow, you’ll find a way to grab more and more and more power as you cripple our military, cripple our free speech, cripple the currency, cripple freedom, cripple marriage, cripple school lunchrooms. The current talk is of just who your handlers are. I’d almost feel more comfortable if I knew for sure you were a centrally infamous agency asset. That would explain your grandmother’s cashing checks in Hawaii for those guys, your mother running back and forth during a violent coup in Indonesia, and maybe even the father of Bill Ayers, with his massive wealth and centrally infamous agency connections informing the mailman, of all people, that you, as a “foreign” student were being groomed to take over the White House and become the American socialist dictator someday. And then there are the Bilderberg Group who think U.S. sovereignty is just too much trouble . . . people like George Stephanopoulos, Tim Geithner and Ben Bernanke, funneling, funneling, funneling the taxes of the exhausted American worker into a nightmare of world government. After all, you can’t have world government without central bank cash. The whole scenario ain’t pretty. And then there’s your brand spanking new martial law. It is similar to that old rock and roll song recorded by the Bobby Fuller Four, “I fought the martial law and the martial law won.”

But there is also the matter of the murder of Donald Young with the accompanying media code of silence on this poor man’s death. There is that whistleblower who seems sleazy, but sleaze does not necessarily a liar make. And there was that amazing interview that the whistleblower did with the New Hampshire Herald, a paper which saw all manner of threats against freedom of the press, yet they survived, as far as I know. So Mr. President, who knows? There may be other truth telling newspapers and new media across the land who will tell the story of the death of the gay choir director, Donald Young, the employee of that wonderful spiritually evolved pastor, the “Reverend” Jeremiah Wright. Wright’s been spreading his hate in the Palestinian territories lately and I almost think that the Democratic Party would much rather Wright spread his hate, than spread the truth he knows about the murder of his own choir director. I understand that Chicago police do indeed have a person of interest. Oops, I forgot. Would-be ballerina Rahm Emanuel runs the show there. I hope Congress stops fearing its own shadow. Communists have morphed into so-called Progressives and we see a KGB front group, the Institute for Policy Studies, spreading like a cancer into my Congress.

And God bless those who call out this unacceptable sequence of events, for communism has no place in a government by the people and for the people. Every member of Congress, I implore you: There is nothing to fear, for Jesus has told us, “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life.” Too bad the media and Congress have such a problem with that truth part, don’t you agree? Prayers for justice for Donald Young.

Maureen Crowley


That slams the lid onthings for today

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