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January 26, 2012

Like most folks who read this blog or listen to the Bob Grant Show on WABC, I have been keeping tabs on what is going on in the Republican primary voting and by watching the debates. I will vote for whomever wins the Republican nomination. I will vote with all my heart and head because I seriously believe if Obama wins a second term he will complete the job he began during his first term. Everything I know about the 44th president, who is also our first sultan, tells me this man was dead serious when he said during the 2008 campaign, “We will change America as it has never been changed before.” Some people thought that was just campaign bombast. It wasn’t rhetoric. He meant every word because he is a disciple of Communist adherent, Saul Alinsky. This is a man who sat in the “church” of Jeremiah Wright every Sunday and heard such treasonous statements as, “God Bless America? I say God Damn America!”

The mainstream media was so taken with Barack the Boastful, they didn’t make Obama’s membership in that church, nor his listening to the blaspheming of Reverend Wright an issue. No matter what turned up about Barack, the media paid scant if any attention. There is nothing to be gained by going over the 2008 election, except to remind some of you the terrible price we pay for not heeding the warning signals someone like Barack the Boastful sends out. Right now we have a clandestine campaign going on to make sure Newt Gingrich is the Republican candidate because he is so flawed and unsteady he will implode in a spectacular fashion. This man is lacking in moral character and he verges on the psychopathic. If you need any convincing, ask yourself why would that sleazebag, Michael Reagan, the adopted son of the great Ronald Reagan, be supporting him?

I remember the 2004 election. George W. Bush was at Madison Square Garden where the Republican Convention was being held. All the broadcasters had a booth in operation. I had my broadcast booth close to Michael Reagan. I walked over to his booth to invite him to appear on my show. I walked over to him and said , “Hello, Michael. I’m Bob Grant and I would like to have you on my show.” He looked at me with not even a hint of cordiality and coldly said, “I know who you are.” I must tell you his behavior made me feel strange. I had never said anything negative about him. As a matter of fact, I don’t believe I had ever said anything about him on the air or off. Nevertheless, there was this animus which was unmistakable. What was and is his problem? Is it jealousy? It really doesn’t matter what it is. Whatever it is, I hope he doesn’t convince any of you to vote for his candidate. Michael is a disgrace as are his step siblings, Ron Jr. and Patti Davis. How such a magnificent couple as Ronald and Nancy Reagan could have such children is pathetic and contrary to logic.

At any rate, I do hope you all do two things for me. First of all, let me know your reaction to this blog. And secondly, listen to my radio show, Sunday at 12 noon on WABC, New York.

Bob Grant

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