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The Manchurian Candidate

February 27, 2012

Dear Reader,

I feel this letter from a listener is a must-read, not only for you, but every American. Here is the letter.

Bob Grant

Straight Ahead!

Dear Bob,

I’ve been a faithful listener since 1971, and you are greater than ever! This email contains news about Obama you may wish to share with your listeners. Just before a civil rights attorney who represented Malcolm X, Percy Sutton, passed away, he was feted at a gala dinner at which he reminisced about his life. This dinner took place just after Obama was elected President. Sutton recalled that some years back, Prince Alwaleed bin talal, nephew of the king of Saudi Arabia, had sent Percy a letter in which he had a special interest in a young man just graduated from high school. . . Barry Obama. At the time, the prince tried to make arrangements for Obama to be accepted at Harvard Law School. The prince was aware that Sutton had a strong connection to Harvard, and requested that Sutton write a letter to Harvard, praising young Obama and suggesting that Harvard admit him. After receiving his letter, Harvard admitted him. Sutton said at the time he knew absolutely nothing about Obama and wondered by Prince Alwaleed had sent him a letter from Saudi Arabia on behalf of Obama. He said he had written that letter to Harvard and Obama was admitted. Now, many years later, Sutton was proud to say Obama was now the president of the United States.

Bob, I heard Sutton state this with my own ears because his statement made at his gala, in his voice, was broadcast over a major network radio station. A Saudi prince’s interest in an unknown American high school graduate is mysterious at best, until one sees that indeed Obama is the Manchurian Candidate designed to further the ideology of Muslim interests. This explains when Obama was a candidate and asked in which states he plans to campaign, his response was, “In all of the 57 states.” Perplexed, the reporter repeated the question, to which again, Obama’s reply was the same. Now, the Muslims believe one day the world will be ruled by a Muslim empire that will establish Caliphates. There are currently 57 Muslim countries. That is why Obama was obsessed with the number 57 in his reply. Also, while forbidding the Canadian Keystone pipeline to be built in the U.S., he went to Brazil to give them $2 billion to dig for oil in Brazil. He told them, “We’ll be your best customers,” while China is waiting to buy Brazil’s oil which we are paying for them to drill!

This Manchurian candidate has also given United States aid to repair Egypt’s sewers and mosques, while people in America live in poverty and hunger. Bob, you are the hope of our nation in educating the people about the dangers we face with this administration.

Chaya Blitzer


That slams the lid onthings for today

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