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I Have Let You Down

February 24, 2012

Many readers have chastised me, in some cases quite severely. I deserve the opprobrium because when people listen to my radio show or read, they are looking for some hope and some reason to be confident. I have left them down. I do not wish to have that effect on my many friends and fans. I should not give in to such pessimism. I have always been honest and candid in my comments and opinions. I intend to continue to be brutally frank because I care about you; I care about this once great Republic.

Without exaggeration, the reason I fear the end could be near for this once great Republic is the man, ironically who should be our prime defender, is none other than the president of the United States. He is the source of great danger for two reasons. To be the greatest danger two factors must be present. The number one factor is power. Who has more power than the president of the United States? Absolutely no one! The second factor is desire. Does the source of danger have the desire to destroy what we have? Barack Obama clearly wants to destroy our free enterprise, capitalist system. That system has made the United States the greatest power on earth. But, because of Obama&38217;s ambition to turn us into a European socialist nation, he has imposed a socialist medical program on us and he has denied us the ability to drill for oil that is desperately needed. Consequently he is forcing us to spend obscenely on unworkable green power enterprises such as the Solyndra fiasco and the shutting down of any ability to drill for domestic sources of fossil fuel.

Perhaps the most destructive act of this anti-American presidency has been Obama’s veto of the Keystone oil pipeline. This was a dream, a gift to the American people. Canada, our good neighbor to the north, was willing to pour into a pipeline great quantities of Canadian oil which would travel unseen to the Gulf of Mexico. This oil would be plentiful, easily delivered, and safe from Islamic maniacs like Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. The Keystone pipeline was too good to be true. So, by keeping us from getting that oil, Obama makes sure we are weakened further and more reliant on so-called green energy. This makes the crazies on the far left happy, but it costs us in many ways including paying exorbitant prices at the pump.

Another reason this administration is so anti-American and destructive is the first lady herself. Michelle Obama just made a speech in Ohio where she said no American could be proud of this country when there are so many very rich people and so many very poor people. Her point was further made that those very rich people should be forced to share their wealth with the many poor. True, she did not use those very words, but the message was quite clear that the administration is going to stop people from making so much money. Of course, this woman has taken 16 lavish vacations in three years and her clothes are nothing but the best. When I think of her speech, I am reminded of Vladimir Lenin who created the Communist Party and the Soviet Union. He would have been quite proud of the Obamas.

I am not proud of the Obamas. I am afraid of the Obamas because the American people in their ignorance could very well give them five more years of power so they can finish the job they set out to do — destroy the United States as we have known it. Only you, the American voter, can prevent that.

Bob Grant

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