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Letterman’s Bias Is Showing

May 16, 2012

For the life of me, I will never figure out the liberal mindset of the wealthy, successful, famous liberal snobs. I have worked with them throughout my entire career. That career began officially on May 14, 1948. It was at a brand new radio station, WOAK, in Oak Park, Illinois. Oak Park was most famous as the birthplace of Ernest Hemingway. Although the station was modest and unknown, the signal was very powerful. It could reach far out and did. The only problem was, it was a frequency modulation signal, or FM for short.

There were only a few radios back then who had FM. The FM signal was not meant at that time to compete with the AM stations. The FM signal was ideal for commercial entities. For example, there was a supermarket chain that wanted to fill the air with soothing music. People referred to the music as “elevator music.” That meant no one was going to pay attention to it, but the music would be felt rather than listened to. That is what one of the leading exponents of FM radio said at the time. However, the owner of WOAK’s family owned a well-known Jewish baking company called “The Castle Baking Company.” Why am I telling you all this? I think I am sharing this with you because I do think people should know a little something about what America and the radio business was like many years ago. Now, getting back to the point I would like to make. Remember? I was talking about all the liberal, pompous, opinionated, bigoted, yes, I said bigoted people in my business. What got me started down this circuitous road was reading how David Letterman carried on Tuesday night campaigning for Barack the Boastful Obama. I do wish people like Letterman and Bill Maher, who are described as comedians, would stop pretending they are entertainers and stop being promoted as such. I wish they would just admit they are political morons who have been overpaid for many years and stop taking themselves so seriously. And I do wish they could be taught a lesson, but that will never happen. I call them bigots because they have no tolerance for any point of view that is not a left-wing view of the world and those conservatives who know more than they do. I am truly outraged at what Letterman did on his show.

Times certainly have changed. I went to CBS after I left WOAK. I knew I was surrounded by pinkos, but the management would not have tolerated a showboat performance like Letterman gave last night. In the good old days, he would have been severely reprimanded and maybe even fired for crossing the line. I never thought he was funny anyway, but now that he is a kingmaker, he doesn’t feel the need to entertain. I know some of you are going to write me nasty emails and mention the Jewish influence in my business. For your information, David Letterman is not Jewish. Yes, I know most Jews voted for Obama in 2008 and probably will do so again this year. The irony of that is that the Democrats don’t support Israel the way most Republicans do. But, as my dear departed friend, Max Brudner would say, “I’m Jewish and I can’t understand their political obsession with the Democrat Party.”

Well, I hope I didn’t get too many people upset. I just can’t stand the smug attitude of the likes of Letterman or his ilk.

Bob Grant

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