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The Law and Order Lesson of Civil Rights

September 12, 2012

I always knew that Barack the Boastful was in over his head. I always knew he was a fake, phony fraud. But, the naive, guilt-ridden American voter was intrigued over a black man that wasn’t menacing like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. Notice, I do not refer to either of them as “reverend.” Does anyone know in what church either of them is a pastor? No, there is no church. They are imposters and they have the greatest bunch of suckers any con man could hope for. . . the American white citizen. We were brought up being taught by parents or teachers or any adult American that we should never be guilty of sounding racist. We should never be accused of being intolerant. If we were confronted by a phony white liberal who knew enough to play on our ever present guilt, we would submit a blanket apology for any thought, word or deed that could be construed as being prejudiced. Bless me father for I have sinned.

I was actually afraid one day in the city of Chicago by a group of “Negroes” who looked menacing to me and my friends who had left the friendly confines of Chicago’s northwest side for the dangerous confines of Chicago’s near South Side. Most of us were shaking in our boots. Was it our fault? Was it the fault of the radio newscasts or the Chicago newspapers? Was it because when fugitive criminals were identified, some of them might be correctly described so that we would know what the culprits looked like? No, that would not do. It might give the black race a bad name. We must never describe accurately what a desperado looked like. When the civil rights movement had hit its stride, it appeared to be a case of jump on the band wagon. It’s fashionable to be a flaming liberal. And we will never discriminate against a person of African heritage again. If we are in the television or motion picture business, we will never depict a black as anything but noble, kind, generous and almost saintly. If the plot is about someone who is white and doing something wrong as a somewhat corrupt police officer, it must be a righteous black officer who brings him to justice. That noble black officer must not only expose a bad cop, but all the corrupt police officers, who strangely enough are white. Am I exaggerating? I wish I were. All I know is on every “Law and Order” program I ever saw, I could predict when a person was a suspect, who was also black. I would think to myself, this guy is not guilty. He can’t be because he is black. It’s against the rules of proper television. And sure enough before the program reaches its inevitable conclusion, the black suspect is exonerated and the real killer, a white jerk, is arrested, tried and convicted. And, of course, we all could breathe a sigh of relief that another white enemy of society was put in jail for life.

I could go on and on, but if you haven’t gotten my point by now, then you are either stupid or you are in denial. In either case, you would not be interested in learning the truth about the so-called civil rights movement and the real reason so many whites (particularly women) voted for the candidate who was unqualified and completely unsuited for the job of president. Barack Obama now demonstrates more than ever what a huge mistake the American public made on that disastrous day in November of 2008. Will we be brave enough to correct that mistake on November 6? I fear we won’t. And, the David Lettermans of the entertainment world and all the other performers will have foisted on the American people another tragic outcome in an American election. God Save Us! Yes, I said God!

Bob Grant

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