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Court Hearing for a Monster

July 23, 2012

Now we schnooks will have to look at the television set in our living room for Lord knows how long at this freak who decided he wanted to be a redhead prior to murdering and maiming all those innocent people in a movie show massacre — the worst massacre in U.S. history. There he was with a public defender. He is the scumbag referred to as the suspect. Suspected of what, you ask? He is suspected of murdering 12 people and wounding another 58, eleven of which are critical. This monstrous 24-year-old neuroscience student also created a labyrinth of booby traps in his apartment which would have resulted in more deaths to law enforcement or innocent civilians if not disarmed.

Why do we have to engage in this self-demeaning dance? We can say, “Look at what a great and civilized country we are. We don’t care how many people he killed and we don’t care how contemptible he is. We are going to show the world what a great and fair country we are.” What is great about a country that knows a sociopath committed all these heinous crimes, but we want to tax the people of Colorado to the bone just to prove how great we are? I know we mustn’t anger the real power in America: the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). It all really doesn&’t make any sense to me and I suspect with the exception of the ACLU and its toadies, doesn’t make sense to anybody else. I am not persuaded that in the final analysis America is a better country because we inflict this pain on ourselves. In my opinion we would all be better off if we dispensed with this game and stopped pretending that this vermin deserves his day in court. He certainly didn’t give the same regard to all the people he gunned down in a murderous rampage.

I have asked dozens of my listeners to give me one good reason why we should cause more pain to those good people in Aurora, Colorado whose lives will forever be altered by that day. I would like to hear one plausible reason the taxpayers should have to spend millions and millions of dollars to stage this trial and pay the public defender’s office to prove that James Holmes is innocent by reason of insanity. And, what is this nonsense that says you can kill and maim dozens of people, but those people are not really dead and are not really maimed because James Holmes didn’t know he was committing a terrible crime? Is that little beautiful six-year-old girl any less dead because Holmes doesn’t know right from wrong? When did we fall off the tracks in America and instead of focusing on the act, we dwell on the killer’s state of mind? This fake trial will go on and on and we will not be the better for that. Instead we will have inflicted more pain on, not only the next of kin, but on ourselves as well. Would someone please show me what sense our so-called criminal justice system makes? No, my fellow Americans, we are deluding ourselves and America is not the better for what we do. I can only say if someone gets this moron sooner rather than later, he should be given a medal!

A statue replacing Joe Paterno’s likeness should be created. A statue of that American, if he exists, should have the blessing of every right-thinking American. Stay tuned for more reports on America, the masochists . . .

Bob Grant

Straight ahead!


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