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There’s No Such Thing as a Hispanic

January 10, 2012

Readers of, I want to share this impressive letter with you. I know you will enjoy reading it.

Bob Grant

Straight Ahead!

Dear Bob Grant,

First and foremost I want to thank you for being the only talk show host to say, years ago, something that changed the my whole way of thinking. Namely, you said, “There is no such thing as a Hispanic.” Since that time I have protested against the term “Hispanic” as a contrived governmental label with no validity that has taken root worldwide. I tell anyone who will listen that there is no such thing as a Hispanic or Hispanic culture. Further, there are 21 individual countries around the world that speak Spanish with, in most cases, the Spanish language being the only thing they have in common. Unfortunately, this false term has now become synonymous with being in favor of or supporting illegal immigration. It is my contention that both the term and premise are wrong. I feel that I have been burdened with the false label of Hispanic, yet I am living proof that many of us do not favor or support illegal immigration nor do we label the securing of our borders as racist. We are in favor of legal immigration. We fully understand that 20 million illegal aliens in our country constitute an invasion. We see, on a daily basis, the ripple effects of this invasion.

For example, for every illegal working in a vegetable market or construction site, there is a wife and multiple children being supported by “we the taxpayers of this nation.” They use our schools, health facilities, social welfare resources, and infrastructure while contributing little or nothing to the public coffers. A good portion of their illegal income (illegal because they do not have the right to work here) is a large part of their native country’s gross national product. We know that countries like Mexico depend on these illegally obtained American dollars to bolster their failing economies and relieve political and social unrest. I was born in the United States. As a proud American of Puerto Rican descent, my grandparents were not immigrants when they moved to the mainland of the United States. I often ask those who label Puerto Ricans as immigrants: “Do you consider an Alaskan or Hawaiian who moves to the mainland of the U.S. to be an immigrant?” The history of Puerto Rico and its unique connection to the United States is written in the blood of thousands of Puerto Rican soldiers that have fought and died alongside their mainland brothers since World War I. Yet, this special relationship is lost as we are lumped together with every Spanish speaking legal and illegal immigrant in the United States under the banner of Hispanic.

Further, I am against all of these celebrations and parades in honor of this false title and premise. There are, however, 44 countries that speak English. Using the very same criteria that is used to put all immigrants (legal and illegal), and the descendants of people who came from a Spanish speaking countries together as “Hispanic,” I’d like to see the descendants of these 44 English speaking countries bound together, as we are, under a term such as “Britannic.” Further, I would like to see them marching down Fifth Avenue in New York City celebrating “Britannic Culture,” “Britannic Music,” “Britannic food” . . . get the picture? I myself will accept the term Hispanic when all the English speaking people of the world start calling themselves “Britannic.” There are many of us so-called Hispanics who hold our political leaders and the Spanish speaking media responsible for propagating the notion that the United States of America is the only nation in the world that does not have the right to protect its borders or enforce its laws. Further, this is the only nation in the world where someone can enter illegally then protest en masse demanding amnesty and rights. We who are patriots, veterans, fellow citizens, and American descendants of people who came from Spanish speaking countries who do hereby proclaim that we are against anyone and everyone who has entered our country illegally. We believe that the only rights that an illegal alien should have in United States are the rights to be detained and deported.

Sincerely yours,

Daniel Colón



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