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Harry Reid’s Despicable Lies

October 1, 2012

I have just read that Steve Wynn, the Nevada casino operator who doesn’t get the same amount of publicity as Donald Trump, but can hold his own when it comes to making a bundle and having a great deal of influence, just blew his stack when an interviewer asked him a question about Barack the Boastful criticizing Wynn. He said he has created about 250,000 jobs in the state. That tirade against the president was well received by most people because the people Wynn was talking to were people who don’t want the encroachment of government to continue.

Steve Wynn was justified in what he said about Barack Obama. I hope the explosive verbal attack will tilt the state for Mitt Romney. Is the reason Romney has been doing so poorly that Romney’s nemesis, Harry Reid, has conducted nonstop slanderous, illegal attacks on Mitt Romney? Harry Reid has shown himself to be a lowdown guttersnipe. He even resorted to an attack on Romney’s Mormonism even though Reid claims to be a Mormon himself. What I don’t understand is why the great former governor does not seem to respond to the lies and libel that Harry Reid enjoys handing out. Recently rat Reid said Romney was not the face of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Romney never said he was the face of the Mormon church in America nor anywhere else. Harry Reid came out one day and said Romney has not paid his income taxes for 10 or 11 years. But, he never said who or what his source was for such slanderous statements. I could go on and on with the outrageous falsehoods, the loathsome and obvious untruths that Harry Reid, who is the Democrat leader of the Senate, continues to disgrace himself with, as well as the Mormon church too.

I have never witnessed in all my years such unmitigated hatred, callous disregard for the truth, and shameless jealousy in my study of political campaigns. The only reason Harry the Rat gets away with this unmitigated slander is he says most of his lies from his position in the well of the Senate. Now that is really being brave, isn’t it? I can only hope that Reid gets everything he deserves. I can only hope that on election night he has convulsions while reading the returns. Let us pray.

Bob Grant

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