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Whatever Happened to Harold Stassen?

January 3, 2012

The long awaited caucuses in the state of Iowa are finally here. I think it is a travesty that this once great Republic spends so much time, money, and above all, emotion on what 120,000 goat ropers do. But, that is the way it has been going ever since we thought we were going to get rid of the smoked-filled rooms where the two political parties chose their candidates in their quadrennial conventions. I think we got better candidates then than we do today. But, who am I to stand in the way of progress?

If the Marx Brothers were to come back to planet Earth and wanted to launch a successful comeback, they would do it by performing a parody of the lunacy going on right now in the state of Iowa. I hope you all realize Groucho and the other goofs would not believe what is going on today. Can you imagine what the Zany quartet, which became a trio, would do? Instead of “A Night at the Opera,” they would perform “An Eternity in the Cornfields.” I am truly ashamed of the state of affairs in this once great Republic. This fiasco is really the creation of the media. Before the power of television and, of course, the driving force of the Fox Network, we didn’t have the incentive to obsess with who is going to be the nominee. But the chubby Roger Ailes wants higher and higher ratings and he knows the fixation many Americans have with following the sport of the moment, which happens to not be who will win the ballgame, but who will be the gladiator to be thrown to the lions.

And, although I have always been proud to state that I have always been and will continue to be a Republican, I am not proud of the system we have created. I also cringe at the thought that so many Republicans are so ambitious they would rather the louse in the White House get four more years to continue his destruction of America than lose graciously and without tearing apart the party. The best tool the fake in the White House has is the inability of the GOP to heal itself, coalesce, and mount a winning campaign. And since when is it essential that our anointed one have impeccable conservative credentials? Who is to say who is a conservative and who isn’t? The late great William F. Buckley said he was mainly concerned with the question of which candidate had the best chance of beating the Democrat — not who was more pure than the next guy.

And so, I will leave it to you, my fellow Americans, what do we do after we learn who won the Iowa caucus? Oh, that’s right . . . we go to New Hampshire and see who can be the most acceptable to the independents and moderates. Then we go to South Carolina and well. . . you know the rest or do you? Whatever happened to Harold Stassen, the most famous perennial presidential candidate in history?

Bob Grant

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