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Our Troubled Past

July 30, 2012

If I were to enumerate all the mail and email I get from the people who listen to “Let’s Be Heard,” I would run the risk of becoming a self-centered bore. No, that isn’t what I was thinking when I just wrote the previous sentence. Actually, if I were to print all the letters you have written concerning the most explosive issue in America, I would be removed from the airwaves permanently. So, since we know each other so well, let us not stand on ceremony. Rather, let us indulge in some painful introspection.

White people are afraid to speak honestly about the “race issue.” Without going into a long painful and obvious narrative on what we all should know by now, which is the history we have endured in which blacks were dragooned here in chains and after centuries of slavery were to endure decades of degradation and humiliation due to the Jim Crow status blacks had in this country. There is no question that, as a race, they suffered immensely. My parents and grandparents were not even here during that period. And, in all likelihood, your forbearers were not here either. All that doesn’t matter. And even though my father’s father was denied time and time again when he sought to secure a position as a chef in some fancy southern eating establishments because his name was too Italian, he did manage to survive.

But, I said I didn’t want to engage in a meaningless mea culpa. Too many folks with white skin and no reason to apologize and feel guilty do this all the time. I know some people think that with all I have been through, I shouldn’t talk about this subject. But, judging by your mail, you think otherwise. I will not go into this subject in depth at this time. Just remember, there is a radio personality who says, “Somebody’s got to say these has to be me.”

Bob Grant

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