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No More Elections — Thanks to Gingrich

January 13, 2012

In my first vote for president of the United States of America, I proudly cast my ballot for the great American general, the man who led the crusade in Europe to defeat the Nazis, Dwight David Eisenhower! I remember the turmoil and bickering going on at the Republican Convention. I was a staff reporter for WBBM, the CBS flagship station in Chicago. I grew up in that city. I was born in that city and after leaving the University of Illinois where I majored in journalism, I was fortunate to be hired by CBS. I was only 20-years-old, but CBS liked my audition and told me I was going to have a great career.

Naturally I was excited that both political parties were having their conventions right in my hometown. In those days, a lot of people didn’t like selecting their candidates in political conventions and not having the people vote in primaries. The system we have now is torture for the candidates and for the people. I am sick and tired of all the attention and power attributed to Iowa and then New Hampshire. Since we did away with the old method of each political party selecting their standard bearer in political conventions, we have seen a strange reordering of the selection process. The idea was to get rid of “smoke-filled rooms.” The so-called smoke-filled room implied that sleazy, crooked politicians were going to pick the candidate and not the people. That, of course, has proven to be fallacious. This year, the Republican Party is in danger of destruction, thanks to the selfish, mean-spirited ego driven, lying Newt Gingrich. He is out to destroy Mitt Romney. He obviously doesn’t care about the future of “his” party. As the great Charles Krauthammer said, “Newt Gingrich is now only interested in revenge. He knows he cannot win. That doesn’t matter anymore to him. His goal is the destruction of Mitt Romney who is being vilified to such a great extent, the only benefactor of the political destruction of the former Massachusetts governor will be Barack Obama.” So, when the unworthy Barack the Boastful takes the oath on January 20, 2013, he should remember to thank Newt Gingrich and his stooge, Rick Perry, for the victory.

I have always been a proud Republican, but I no longer feel pride in the Grand Old Party. It has been fractured to such an extent a third party will emerge and replace it, just as the Republicans replaced the Whig Party in the mid-nineteenth century. Maybe, thanks to Barack the Boastful, we won’t have anymore elections. Why bother? If you go to a boxing match and there are two boxers in the ring, then you know why you are there. But, why would anyone go to an event if there is only one boxer in the ring? So, thanks to Newt Gingrich we won’t have to spend all that money on needless elections every four years.

Beijing, do you accept Americans as immigrants? If so, I would like to apply!

Bob Grant

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