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Most Crucial Election of a Lifetime

May 11, 2012

Make no mistake, we are facing the most crucial election in our lifetime. People don’t like when I say that. I don’t know why it bothers them. Do they have a better historical example than this year’s national election? What makes this presidential election so crucial? The salient point is simply this. When we have had previous elections, even though there were marked differences between the Republican Party and the Democratic Party, the person in the center of the action was not an incumbent socialist.

This time we have a person running for a second term who has already demonstrated two very frightening traits. Trait number one is Obama’s ability to fabricate in the twinkling of an eye. For example, his alleged support for gay marriage, or as it is known, same-sex marriage. Barack the Boastful knows that the majority of Americans don’t really believe this ludicrous proposition is warranted, let alone sane. Ask yourself, did you ever dream we would entertain the concept that two men could marry, or two women? And yet that is what we are expected to believe. What happened to the majority of Americans who have become so brainwashed and intimidated that we even go through the process of having 50 state legislatures go through the absurd ritual of voting to “legalize” same-sex marriage? Barack Obama knows how most Americans feel about this warped view of the American family. So, he has his pathetic court jester, by the name of Joe Biden, carry the ball and tell the public that the president’s opinion is evolving. What does that mean precisely? What does a person look like while his view is evolving? All this double talk to allow the boastful one to sound wise and thoughtful.

Barack the Boastful has such contempt for this nation that he has never made a statement without having a political intent. His whole life as an Illinois Senator, a United States Senator, and as president was predicated on what was good for his political future. His charade and phony dance about the same sex-marriage issue was based on only one thing: Will it help him get re-elected? This man is a gifted actor. That is why he and Hollywood are cut from the same cloth. He is comfortable with egotists like George Clooney. I can only hope and pray that the American people will save us from the catastrophe of an Obama second term.

Bob Grant

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