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A Flawed Campaign Strategy

January 5, 2012

In 1982 I was asked by John Renna, who at the time was the Essex County Republican chairman and a member of the state of New Jersey’s Republican Committee. The Republicans were so accustomed to losing elections they seemed to accept their role as the minority party without much complaint. But there came a time, thanks to the Tom Kean victory over Jim Florio for governor of New Jersey, that the GOP began to feel their strength. Renna was a huge fan of mine and wanted me to speak to an assemblage of Republican candidates and office holders. I agreed and relished the opportunity to tell the Republicans what my prescription for their electoral success was.

I remember as plain as if it were yesterday. Renna introduced me to the packed house. He said, in part, “Bob Grant has been a virtual lone voice in New Jersey. He has been one of the very few members of the media to support Republicans and attack Democrats. I have asked him to speak to us because I feel we can benefit from listening to such a rare individual . . . a man who is on the air five days a week with a huge listening audience who actually supports our party and shares many of our principles.” I thanked John for that introduction and began my talk. I was told later by many of the Republican politicians in the audience that the most impressive thing I said was, “If you Republicans would campaign against the Democrats and be as tough against them as you are amongst each other, you may be pleasantly surprised at the results you will get. So when you begin campaigning, pretend you are just competing against a fellow Republican!” That brought down the house. First there were shocked expressions on the faces of the audience, then there was laughter, and then there was thunderous applause. Many of the candidates confessed to me that they were shocked to hear a member of the media say something they had privately believed.

Why am I telling this long ago forgotten story? Because the Republicans are at it again. Newt Gingrich would rather see Obama get a second term than see Mitt Romney win the election. And Gingrich is no surprise to me whatsoever. I always suspected his character was serious flawed. I do not like the man, but if he were the Republican candidate against Barack the Boastful, I would support him. I would work for his election and I would vote for him. But, mark my words, Gingrich and others will do whatever they can do to sabotage the Republican campaign.

And unless there is another Ronald Reagan in our future, we will continue to be on the outside looking in. And when Obama takes the oath for his second term on January 20, 2013, I will not be watching. I have had much too much of his smug arrogant smirk already. And it won’t be his fault — it will be your fault!

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