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My Final Radio Broadcast on WABC

October 4, 2012

Those of you, although few in numbers as far as I’m concerned, who read, please pay attention. I have been doing a one-hour show on WABC, New York, since I ended the regular format. I will end the one-hour show next Sunday. I am not sick, I am just a tired of life member of the chorus. I was not meant to be a spear carrier. I am tired of certain people who, were it not for me, would not be where they are now. I have been the victim of a cruel conspiracy. I know some of you don’t want to hear about my troubles. You are jealous of anyone you think is a celebrity. I can only say it has been a cruel and vicious professional lynching.

But, enough of that. I will miss you as much as you say you miss me. But, there are other things I want to do with the rest of my life. For one thing, I may have time to write the book we have talked about. People wonder why I haven’t written a second book. Well, the answer is simple. I have to write my own books. I could tell you the names of some of the people who wrote books for those big stars. The only person I know of who does write his own books is Mark Levin. Why do publishers hire ghost writers for the others? The answer is simple. These radio stars are on hundreds of stations across the nation. And some of them naturally keep promoting their books. I would do the same if a lynch mob had not seen to it that I never have a national show. But, that is the curse I inherited from someone.

So, I am tired and at my age I can’t start acting like the new kid on the block who has ambition coming out of his pores. I think my pores are too clogged with slings and arrows. Nevertheless, I will stop complaining and thank you for reading this blog. You can read blogs as long as I write them. Right now I am too nervous and depressed. . . nervous about the presidential debate which will take place tonight. And, I am depressed over the fact that outside of the Fox News Network, no national broadcast organization writes about all the scandalous things Barack the Boastful has committed. Why are so many people afraid of him? Is it because his henchmen might call them racists? But then they would have to get together with me. Enough already.

Bob Grant

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That slams the lid onthings for today

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