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November 6 Is the Final Curtain

August 6, 2012

Why am I not surprised? Why am I not surprised that Senator Harry Reid of Nevada should come up with a cheap stunt to make the millions of gullible, ignorant American voters believe a lie that Dirty Harry concocted himself? The lie was presented this way. I am using Dirty Harry’s own words and presented in the same fashion he did on the Senate floor last week.

Here is the phony shtick. Get a load of the obvious false construction of the charge that Mitt Romney did not pay federal income taxes for 10 years! Here goes . . . “I hear on the street that Mitt Romney hasn’t paid income taxes for 10 years.” What does he mean when he says he hears on the street? What street? Is it a street just outside the Senate chambers in Washington D.C.? Is it the street in Las Vegas that Dirty Harry likes to walk? Is it any real street? No, the street is the same one fake, phony frauds have been using since lying in American politics became our most well-known vintage sport. There have been many talk show hosts — many of whom are conservatives who have used that approach. In their case, the use of the approach:“I heard on the street,” is not used to destroy a decent, honorable presidential candidate, it is used to get the show going. It is used to fire up the audience. It is not used, as is the case, to fire up the voters for Dirty Harry, to steal an election.

I notice that Jay Carney, the press spokesman for Barack the Boastful, does not in any way suggest he knows that Harry Reid is correct. He does not say he is not correct. He avoids the explosive issue just as he does most contentious issues. Outside of Nancy Pelosi, who is very comfortably ensconced right down there in the gutter with Dirty Harry, there are not many Democrats making a case for the veracity of Dirty Harry’s fictitious story. Harry Reid is emblematic of what is wrong with this sleazy administration.

If you the voter don’t do the right thing on November 6, can you imagine how much bolder the Reid’s, the Pelosi’s, the Axelrod’s and hundreds of other bottom feeders in the Obama administration will become? And, above all, can you imagine how emboldened the Bold Barack will be? This has all the makings of the final act in an opera where, even though the curtain is coming down, we will be thankful for the quiet in place of the deafening lies!

Bob Grant

Straight ahead!


That slams the lid onthings for today

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