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No Respect for the Obama Presidency

May 2, 2012

After forcing myself to watch as much Obama as I could stomach, I decided I have been too kind to him. He is worse than I thought. I am happy to tell you that the Bob Grant of a few years ago who used to write this column is gone. He is gone because he has no intention of attempting to write an academic type of critique each week to weigh in on all the events of the day. You have enough of those. I am talking about the typical political column where the writer attempts to overwhelm the reader (that’s you) with erudition, knowledge and an esoteric grasp of even the simplest facts of life.

What I am leading up to is this: I find Barack Obama to be unworthy of any kind of respect. Oh, yes. . . I know we are supposed to respect the office of the president even though we cannot respect the person. I cannot even pretend to subscribe to that dodge. Barack the Boastful has shown he cannot contain himself and therefore he has even offended some liberal minions of the media who in the past have chosen to give this man the benefit of the doubt. When some of those left-wing scribes start criticizing Obama, then perhaps there is hope for the survival of the Republic. Being a native-born Chicagoan who cut his eye teeth in the vineyards of ultra-liberal CBS, I think there must be something in Lake Michigan’s water that has created generation after generation of sleazy politicians. I recall one election night back in the 1950s when Richard J. Daley, who was noted for finding lost votes at the 11th hour, screamed at me because he had ordered all media people out of the room. The Cook County Democrats were being prepared for a tongue lashing by the machine politician’s worse nightmare — the loss of a no show job or something equally painful. Mayor Daley did not want anybody outside of the poor schnooks who owed their jobs to Boss Daley to hear him bark out his list of grievances.

When I watch Barack the Boastful, I cannot help but think of all those machine politicians who came before Barack the Boastful. How many down and out winos were given a swig for a vote, even though the down and out boozer wasn’t even registered? Yes, he may have gone to Harvard, but what does that prove? And why is it that the public has never seen any of his college papers? Why is it that we really know very little about this enigma’s past? Why didn’t Hillary Clinton and John McCain demand more information about this arrogant, pompous upstart? The answer I think is really simple. No one wanted to be accused of being a racist. It was much easier to put aside normal, healthy questions which we would have asked for any white contender. But after all those years of slavery and Jim Crow segregation, no one wanted to seem hostile to Obama’s candidacy.

So, we gave him the keys to the White House and all that goes with it. Now what? Will we be brave enough to give him that second term he seems so obsessed with winning? Let us hope not. If we shrink from this challenge, then we have only ourselves to blame. The consequences of a second Obama term are too devastating to even contemplate!

Bob Grant

Straight ahead!


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