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Debate Like a Sports Event

October 23, 2012

Like most Americans, I watched the so-called presidential debate last night. I think we should be ashamed of ourselves that we have to turn everything into a made for television sports event! Doesn’t it seem that way? It does seem that way to me and that is the trouble with most Americans. Everything, including the most important decision we will make this year and perhaps this generation comes down to pretending it is a sporting event. Instead of the announcers, now known as analysts, say things like, the pitcher threw a curve and the batter swung and missed. The pitcher fooled the batter into thinking he was going to throw a fastball. Instead he threw a curve. Isn’t that something? And it goes on and on and on. I don’t want to test your patience and point out all the similarities.

I am disgusted with the American people because they are so shallow and naive. And I am disgusted with the television media because they are responsible for presenting everything like a sports event. Maybe that is not such a bad idea. I really think it is the height of absurdity for people to go on television and tell us who won the first round and why they won. These savants expect you to glorify them because they are there, ringside as it were. Gee, they will tell us who won and why. Maybe you don’t see it that way. Maybe you are right.

But, the fact of the matter is that most of those experts are really no smarter than you are. The only one who is certainly smarter is Charles Krauthammer of Fox News and the Washington Post. He and Dick Morris of Fox News Channel are two people who are well worth watching. Speaking of Dick Morris, let me tell you what a mensch he is! Two years ago, I was invited to appear on a cruise ship voyage as a participant in a roundtable discussion. We had an audience of people who paid extra money just for the joy of seeing us on the stage and hear us share our wisdom with them. After the introduction of the subject matter to be discussed, the guy from Los Angeles who was totally unknown to any of us, introduced the first speaker, and then he introduced the second guy, who wrote a column from Washington D.C. And then the schmuck from Los Angeles introduced Dick Morris. After Dick spoke, it was supposed to be my turn. However, the guy next to me on my left was introduced. At that point, Dick Morris said, “Wait a minute! How can you skip over this man, Bob Grant, who is the guy who really started telephone talk radio as we know it today? How could you do such a thing?” The audience burst into spontaneous and loud applause and cheers.

I need not tell you anymore about that cruise. My point was not so much to tell you of the perfidy that was in evidence. My point is to pay tribute to a guy who deserves my everlasting gratitude. . . Dick Morris. The man is truly a mensch!

Bob Grant

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