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GOP Candidates Destroying Each Other

January 23, 2012

It is too bad the actuarial tables say my age will keep me from seeing too many more elections. I am more curious than conservative or liberal or whatever label you enjoy using. I am curious to see how this country is doing in 25 years. Who knows, maybe I will be a volunteer in a longevity study. In all seriousness, I tell you I am feeling great. I have energy and I sleep well and I just feel 20 years younger. However, I know the realities of where we are with medical science and I have to accept that. I just wish after I croak I could keep tabs on what is going on in this once great Republic called the United States of America. However, I can make some predictions and if I am not around to see how they turn out, well, maybe that is just as well.

I know human nature being what it is, even though many of you laud me for what you think is my brilliance and knowledge of history, you will be only too happy to taunt me if I am wrong. But, here goes. First of all, who said it, long before anybody else said it, that Barack the Boastful would win a second term? Yes, you are right. It was me! Now, do you remember why I made that prediction in the spring of 2011? I made that prediction for two reasons. First of all, Obama is lucky. I knew the economy would improve enough so that people in their ignorance would think this abysmal America hater would get the credit for the economical turn around. And, mark my words it is getting better each day. People are more confident each day. I am sorry that is taking place because I don’t want four more years of Barack. However, on the other hand, I am happy for many of my fellow Americans who will enjoy the return to prosperity.

The second reason I know Obama will torture us for four more years is that Republicans love to fight amongst themselves. No, they don’t love to fight one another — they love to destroy one another. And that is what they are doing. Hillary Clinton and this Muslim socialist called Obama had a bitter primary battle in 2008. In case you forgot, part of that battle was the double cross Mrs. Clinton was victimized by which was inflicted by such Democrat luminaries as former New Mexico Governor, Bill Richardson, the swimmer, better known as Senator Ted Kennedy, and a whole host of Democrat opportunists who wanted to be on the winning team and thought that Obama was the guy who commanded the winning team. And you may recall that once the campaign against John McCain began, the Democrats do what Democrats can do, but Republicans can’t or won’t do. That is to stop fighting amongst themselves and unify against the other party.

The only possible danger facing the Democrats this year will be the possibility they may be too confident. But, guys like Newt Gingrich are a godsend to the Democrats. And, after the election President Obama should give Gingrich a big job in Washington. How about chairman of the Democrat National Committee?

Bob Grant

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