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Awaiting Round Two

October 16, 2012

Here we go again! Tuesday night at 9 p.m. ET, the second of the three presidential debates takes place. This time the cards are stacked in Obama’s favor. Why do I say that? Of course, it goes without saying that I want to be wrong. However, when Obama gets a crowd, something seems to happen. What is that something? Is it really his charisma? Is it really his ability to look each voter in the eye with that silly, stupid arrogant grin of his? Just exactly what is it?

I have given this annoying subject a great deal of thought and here is the conclusion I have been forced to come to. I say forced because I really wish the America I live in, this nation which seems hell-bent on self-destruction, has some dangerous elements we may not have had before. Before some of you shout “racist,” I submit that the average white American is still basically uncomfortable with black Americans. I have watched these well-meaning white folks and how they interact with African-Americans. Most of them put on a perpetual smile. It is a forced, uncomfortable smile. It is a smile the average black citizens can see it for what it is. . . a fear induced smile. There was a song many years ago when popular music was still music before rap, which is nothing more than vulgar noise without a sinkable note. I know you must be aware of what I am talking about. Yet you would not want to state your well justified distaste for this so-called music. After all, you are the good white American with the forced smile. Mind you, I am not scolding you. I don’t blame you for being uncomfortable with the position the image makers and faux historians have put you in. I know you must be wondering what happened to Obama and the debate Tuesday night? The answer will be found as you study how uncomfortable the majority of those well-meaning but intimidated white folk appear. And don’t forget we have already been warned that the still very ample Candy Crowley has hinted in no uncertain terms that she may show her true political colors. Her political color, which should come as no surprise is pink. Yes, surprise! Candy Crowley is a lefty. Outside of Fox, aren’t they all?

So, Obama has a built in advantage since no one wants to be called a racist — since no one wants to incur the wrath of the mainstream media and all the scum that the mainstream media caters to. So, I offer a prayer for the brave and decent Mitt Romney. Governor, whatever the outcome of this show at Hofstra University may be, please know that there are many Americans like me who weep for the coming death of this once great Republic. I pray for you, Mr. Romney. I pray for all good Americans, whatever their color. But most of all, I pray that God may allow all of us to stand tall. As the great Pope, John Paul II, said not too long before his passing, “ Be Not Afraid!” And, what was the song I was referring to? You’ve probably heard of the song, “Let a Smile Be Your Umbrella.”

Bob Grant

Straight ahead!


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