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Bob Grant

October 3, 2012

Debate Anxiety

I am sitting here before my empty computer screen and I can hear (figuratively) my knees knocking. They are in motion because I am nervous. I want to defeat the pretender in the White House so much that I dread what might happen tonight at the first presidential debate in Denver, Colorado. Don’t misunderstand me. I am not putting down Mitt Romney. He is a gentleman and a good man. That is the problem. He is too good a man. He has character and scruples. He will be stepping in the ring with a consummate liar, a cheat and a boastful narcissist, a guttersnipe who was trained by Communists like Saul Alinsky, by revolutionaries like the radical Weathermen, those vermin who bombed buildings and proclaimed their hatred for the United States of America.

This is the real Chicago mob. Do you want to know who the chief mobsters of this modern day Chicago mob are? How about David Axelrod? How about Robert Gibbs? How about Mayor Rahm Emanuel? How about all those thugs who Obama made Czars who are making exorbitant salaries working in the White House? Do you realize what would have happened to George W. Bush or any other newly elected president if he or any of them outside of the anointed Barack the Bold had done anything so audacious? Tonight you will see the smug arrogant pretender against a man who is too nice and therefore may blow his one last chance to hit the proverbial home run. I am too sensitive to watch this fiasco.

If I am wrong I hope you will all write to and tell me what you think. If you want to call me a coward that is alright too. I have lived a long time and I know that name-calling can only hurt at certain times. . . times like in 1996 when a group of seditionists slandered me with the racist smear. It worked but not because the charge was true. It wasn’t true. It worked because there were too many white cowards who were only worried about the color of their skin. . . yellow! But, getting back to tonight, please write me at and tell me what you really think. And let us pray for Mitt. And let us hope that Harry Reid falls in a big hole — all the way to hell!

Bob Grant

Straight ahead!


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